Thursday, November 8, 2007

can we start again?

Bane recently(7 months ago) celebrated their 10th year of existence as a band with a hell of a show in Worcester, MA at the Palladium, and since they are the most important band in the world to me, of course I was there, braving snow and ice to celebrate. They played with FC Five, Outbreak, Evergreen Terrace, and a re-united Overcast, and in a rare display of kindness, the Palladium removed most of their barricades. What resulted was one of the best shows I've ever seen, rivaling the first time I ever saw Bane. FC Five were scrappy and furious(and Japanese!), Outbreak as pissed as I've ever seen them, Evergreen Terrace gave everyone a chance to breathe, and covered Op Ivy(which was fun, gotta give 'em that.), and Overcast rocked the fuck out with their brand of Worcester-style metalcore. But Bane, good lord. Bane was amazing. They tore through mostly newer songs, but threw in some great picks from "It All Comes Down to This", and "Holding This Moment." In the midst of their set was a Bjork cover, which I present a recorded version of to you below. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it's certainly interesting to hear Bane put their stamp on a non-hardcore song.

Bane - Enjoy(Bjork Cover)

Black Forest / Black Sea were another band I discovered that fateful night in Boston in 2004. They opened for Birchville Cat Motel, and were entrancing. It's a duo from Rhode Island, and that night they both played string instruments and looped some of the sounds, I believe. I was major into Godspeed You Black Emperor! at that time, so I really ate it up, and ending up buying a CD(which I listened to on the ride home, and almost drove into a tree since it was so soothing. After that, my girlfriend made me listen to the radio.) This track is off a compliation entitled "frannce" which is four discs long, and spans all kinds of music. It's a sparse little tune sung all in French by the female member of the duo, and the Neil Young/Crazy Horse style guitar in the middle just makes it all the better, I feel.

edit: Here's a rough translation, provided by a friend of mine. I make no claims as to it's accuracy. The note is from her as well.

One night, one time
Spent the night in a new way
I noticed before climbing
The death of hero (something)

Outside the law where
la la loo will be the thread
with sympathy
A task of (energy?)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse where are our tickets
No one would suspect us

We ate all the pastries
We peed in the swimming pool
We wrote in lipstick on each mirror and each toilet
Mickey and Minnie were (anticipated? Anti-something.)

We will finish, we will escape
In the dark

*note: French people use the word thread to mean connector or unifier

Black Forest / Black Sea - My Night with the French Resistance

Tomorrow night I probably won't post anything because I'll be at the Metro to see Lucero. I am pretty excited, though wistful, since those drunk kids from TN I sang along with last time probably won't be there. Anyway, this is Lucero playing a song by Jawbreaker.

Lucero - Kiss the Bottle(Jawbreaker cover)

'til next time.

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