Sunday, November 11, 2007

every single one of them named jennifer

I have half a post prepared about punk rock, and bands that still stand for what I believe in, but it's not what I'm really listening to right now, so instead:

Typically, I would deny listening to something as... i guess, unoffensive as Bishop Allen, but I am in a strange place right now where I read books I would normally pass, and sip tea and lean against the CTA railways. I have a lot of people I love living in Asia right now, and I spent today writing my application to teach aboard in Japan, and I am feeling all kinds of fall and wistful and this song seems to wrap all that up. The rest of this album is the same kind of sepia-toned indie pop. It will probably end up on my end of the year list of albums i've loved.

Bishop Allen - The Chinatown Bus

That's all for now, I have to finish letters and start other projects.

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