Wednesday, November 7, 2007

motherfucking shit computer

I had half a post typed, and then my computer restarted for no reason.

motherfucking bad omens.


welcome to my music blog.

I was first exposed to Birchville Cat Motel, and by extension, noise/drone in 2004. It was December 31st, in Boston at an experimental music showcase. I didn't really have any idea what I was going to be seeing, aside from free music that was "experimental!" needless to say, i was in full throes of being indier-than-thou, and dragged all my friends. they left after the fellow who had treated vinyl with different substances to produced warped sound(i thought he was neat), but I stayed for Birchville Cat Motel's first ever US show. Or at least his first show in Boston. I can't remember. regardless, i thought he was amazing, and managed to catch him a second time, two years later. Campbell Kneale(the fellow behind BCM) has the worst hair I've ever seen, but crafts music of breathtaking beauty and chaos. He has a tremendous knack for taking moments of sublime destruction and turning them into quiet angelic melodies. This is a Prince cover, from a tribute album released on his label. It sounds not much like most of his work, but I like it a whole bunch anyway.

Birchville Cat Motel - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man(Prince Cover)

This is a quietly epic song that I like very much. I don't know a whole lot about Working for a Nuclear Free City except that they are from England, Stylus really liked them a whole bunch, and I expect this double CD (Businessmen & Ghosts) to be on a few end of the year lists.

Working for a Nuclear-Free City - Asleep at the Wheel

And finally.

MC Frontalot - I Hate Your Blog

'till next time, kids.

p.s. MC Frontalot has a song about grues. it's not very good, but still! song about grues! goddamn!

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