Saturday, November 24, 2007

texas is the reason

Sorry for the lack of posting. The pre-holiday week was extra hectic with my sister coming in, and working extra hours and everything.

So, onto the first album on that big list of albums right below this post.

Fishboy is from Denton, TX and apparently named after some sort of middle-school dare that involved consuming a live goldfish. They are a four-piece, and their new(second? i think second) album is a rock opera about how they, with the help of buddy holly's ghost and a girl they met while working at a taco stand tried to save the state of texas with the power of music.

which, i think we can all agree, is a tremendously charming undertaking, and this charm and spunk pervade the entire album. it's a twee-pop masterpiece, and easily one of the best albums of the year.

Fishboy - Taqueria Girl

an extra song, with charming lyrics about winter, and winter ending, which is important these days.

Fishboy - Blackout Halftime

Music comes in seasons, just like people and films, and I've definitely fallen into the trap of listening to almost exclusively winter music as of late. Owen, Jawbreaker, Okkervil River, and oddly enough, this one song by Jens Lekman. The majority of his work is charming, and upbeat, and reminds me of Burt Bacharach(which is a fairly high compliment from me.), and this song is just heart-wrenchingly sad. The light piano underscores the focus of the song, which is Jen's voice, and his simple and direct lyrics about someone waiting for an old flame at the airport after a long separation.

Jens Lekman - Sky Phenomenon

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