Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a short break from writing about the year 2008

i absolutely adore aaron from de la hoya/marathon/attica! attica!, and i am listening to his version of "no children" by the mountain goats, and i am struck by a couple of things.

a) i really do like this song, regardless of how many other people are obsessed with it. it is one of the first mountain goats songs i've heard, and though i immediately applied it to my life(a bad move when you're 17, trying to direct your first play, and starting to be really interested in girls. all i listened to that summer was "tallahassee" and "jane doe" by converge. neither of these albums have positive portrayals of the romancing. this might explain a lot about the whole 'running away to alaska, listening to too much black metal' business, but then again, it might not.)

b) aaron sings a "whoa-oh" at the same time I ALWAYS DO TOO and goodness, i am glad i'm not the only person who thinks it belongs there.

you can find his version of "no children" on a specially limited 10' record from red leader records. it's a birthday thing, and nakatomi plaza, the new dress, and scream hello also contribute covers(of built to spill, the carter family, and superchunk, in order.) it's a good release. i don't know if they have sold out or not yet.

while we're on the subject of covers, and the mountain goats, mr. darnielle's version of "When I Get Home"(originally by baby dee) is really fantastic. he removes some of the vocal fanciness that baby dee uses, and instead focuses on the stark lyrics of abuse, over a harshly strummed guitar. eventually his voice fades, and is replaced by a xylophone(or a glockenspiel) playing the melody. i think it's from a john peel session. it's worth seeking out.

goddamn. just when you think you get out, they suck you back in. fuckin' john darnielle.

reasons 1967 was a sweet year #1

this fucking rules.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

our city is burning, '2008, fuck that noise' edition

the protomen - father of death
lemuria - lipstick
los campesinos! - it's never that easy though, is it?(song for the other kurt)
max tundra - will get fooled again


shorebirds - it's gonna get ugly
office - not her style
two cow garage - bastards and bridesmaids
wale - the crazy


the gaslight anthem - great expectations
imadethismistake - ocd is bs!
fall out boy - america's suitehearts
okkervil river - lost coastlines


blacklisted - i am weighing me down
convincted - unconquered
gridlink - stake knife
nachtmystium - your true enemy


misery index - traitors
birdflesh - the triumph of grind
black ships - no eulogy
cancer bats - regret


kill the client - 99 percent turnover
keep of kalessin - against the gods
the carrier - hello uncertainty
origin - consuming misery


pharaoh - rats and rope
septicflesh - lovecraft's death
the berzerker - evolution of agression
trap them - day twenty four: gutterbomb heaven on the grid


defeater - the city by dawn
harm's way - delusion
transistor transistor - irreversible

bands that should have been played tonight, but we ran out of time:
good luck
the hold steady
harvey milk
prostitute disfigurement

Saturday, December 27, 2008

reasons why this was a sweet year #3: imadethismistake - it's okay

imadethismistake used to just be kylewilliam campol and it was charming. he played anxious, earnest folk-punk that would have fit right in with the majority of the plan-it x roster(especially chris clavin). on his latest album, "it's okay", he's enlisted the help of evan mclaughlin(on bass) and codee vinegar(on drums), and while the album still heavily features kylewilliam's fast-paced nasally vocals(sometimes it feels like he's going to run out of song), there's a fullness and a completeness that his previous releases lacked. the lyrics still tread the line between earnest and cliche, but fall mostly on the side of earnest and charming, and the music is somewhere between cap'n jazz and against me! with a healthy dose of the gainsville sound. the subject matter is shockingly down for a record called "it's okay", but there is always a glimmer of hope. the song "ocd is bs" sums this kind of attitude up really with with it's oft-repeated gang-vocal line "life won't get any easier, so live it while you can." it's one of the stand out moments of the album, where evan and codee almost chant this refrain over a kinsella-esque bass/drum line(with twinkly guitar, natch), and you understand exactly what they mean.

it's gonna be okay.

reasons why this was a sweet year, #2: protestant - the hate, the hollow

fuck, man.

i am not sure i can come up with a better summation of this album. protestant were cool enough when i saw them a couple of years ago, but they have matured into a fierce animal that conjures up the best moments of planes mistaken for stars, converge, and the hope conspiracy. you remember losing your shit over how furious "endnote" was? yeah, get ready for that same sort of rush. i swear, this band sounds positively apocalyptic for most of this disc. tempo changes and tension passages keep shit from getting boring, and the right touch of scuzz in the production makes this release one of the most impressive hardcore records released this year. between protestant, get rad, harm's way, and convicted, the midwest is running hardcore these days. get stoked.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

reasons why this was a sweet year: #1, pharaoh - be gone

i'm gonna write about albums that ruled this year, because i feel like looking back and appreciating a span of time is a worthwhile practice, but i'm not ranking. i'm going to try to write more than i did last year, as i feel sometimes i shortchanged the albums in questions with pithy descriptions.

we're also going to try to focus on some albums i feel didn't make as much of an impact as they could have.(though, i love 'the stage names' so much that i'm probably going to make an effort at communicating that to you folks at some point. also, see: the hold steady, the gaslight anthem, etc.)

i'll be honest, power metal got dealt a huge blow in recent times with the advent of guitar-wankery wizards "Dragonforce", and a huge influx of posers.(i mean, not that i demand you wear gauntlets and play d&d, but no fucking trucker hats, assholes. keep your threadless tees away from my nerd metal.) luckily, for the true believers, there is pharaoh.

fronted by that guy from control denied(you know, chuck schuldiner's other band? anyway, he was the vocalist there, and his name is tim aymar), pharaoh plays some heavily-NWOBHM-influenced power metal, and they play it straight. there is no winking at the camera, no half-nods during sixminute dueling guitar solos, just reminders that everyone liked iron maiden because they fucking ruled, not because they were great to play in 'guitar hero'. tim's vocals are passionate without sacrificing technique, and matt johnsen's guitar work is epic without coming off as masturbatory. it's also worth noting that there isn't a single song that drags. even the slower "buried at sea" is more of a march than a real ballad. it's an album of anthems, for the jean-jacket set.

fuck the thrash revival, this is where it's at.

Monday, December 22, 2008

fuck you, growin' up edition of this city is burning.

7 seconds - young 'til i die(live)


ifihadahifi - we need this noise to live
minor threat vs. holocaust - don't step
black sabbath - die young
scream! hello - this long night


angel eyes - two
arsis - the sadastic motives behind berevement letters
barrit - the funeral
lost horizon - welcome back


genghis tron - board up the house(danny lohner remix)
i have dreams - three days til' christmas
intronaut - cavernous den of shame
the descendents - i don't want to grow up


the sass dragons - the fifth
creation is crucifixtion - burn the churches - a manifesto
malady - the world is a tomb
one reason - dirge for 95 and 10


nachtmystium - worldfall
oathbreaker - shelter
harm's way - repression
with honor - milwaukee


majority rule - at 3 am
vinterland - a castle so crystal clear
the berzerker - evolution of aggression
embrace - end of a year
unbroken - love will tear us apart(joy division cover)


shipwreck - destined for failure

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i know that it's home because that's where the stereo sings

i just had a conversation about how i am trying to write music and how goddamn frustrating it is to not be able to craft something beautiful and subtle, and how all my attempts are childish and hamfisted.

the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers have a song on that comp linked above, and it is a response song to "christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis" by tom waits, and it is stunningly beautiful and more than a proper companion to the original tune. honestly, i might just hang up my voice. bastards. it starts with a simple picked guitar melody, and then the lead singer's voice joins and it hangs in the air, like hot breath on a cold day, like a question, and fuck, it's really one of the best songs i've heard this year.

the comp itself is varied, and overwhelmingly charming, and worth buying on the strength on the many songs included, but to be honest, i bought the thing for the one song by the prayers and tears, and it is worth every penny of the seven-fifty.

oh my god! an ill reindeer!

goodness, have things been hectic around here lately. it is, of course, the holiday season, and that means a) i have to buy people presents, and b) i have to make a christmas mix.

a) is complete! success! things are not mailed, but oh well, things can be late. life will go on.

b) also complete.


1. hank thompson - it's christmas everyday in alaska
2. ludacris - ludachrismas
3. the hives and cyndi lauper - christmas duel
4. the one-ups - super mario's sleigh ride
5. glam chops - countdown to christmas
6. the waitresses - christmas wrapping
7. star wars holiday - what can you get a wookie for christmas(when he already has a comb?)
8. the mountain goats - run run rudolph(live, chuck berry cover)
9. ghostface killah - ghostface xmas
10. PAS/CAL - last christmas(wham! cover)
11. vince guaraldi - skating
12. jens lekman - run away with me
13. quiet company - have yourself a merry little christmas
14. the dismemberment plan - this christmas
15. the royal guardsmen- snoopy's christmas
16. bruce springsteen - merry christmas, baby!

now to finish christmas cards. merry holidays, folks.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i don't know a thing about this band

but apparently they are ex-ambitions(you know, the melodic hardcore band from CT with ex-members of shai hulud? yeah, i wasn't a huge fan either. they weren't bad, but even seeing them live, i felt like their songs lacked something. it didn't help that i keep confusing them with attitude, who i love a whole bunch.)


the band is called drive all night, and their music can be found at they play a sort of folksy alt-country mix that reminds me of older joseph plunkett tunes, which a little less twang, and a little more indie-rock polish. "summer nights" is clearly the standout, with the fiddle and the catchy chorus, but "stay gone" ain't no slouch either.

check 'em out!

our city is burning post office christmas party edition

dead hearts - burning/bright lights, burnt city


harvey milk - death goes to the winner
colin of arabia - kiss me goodbye
threadbare - hoover
eyelid - forward to death(dead kennedys cover)


amon amarth - tattered banners and bloody flags
die hoffnung - lady, killer
blood for blood - anywhere but here
mental - hate me now


the hope conspiracy - defiant hearts
in my eyes - welcome to boston
indecision - falling in love is like setting yourself on fire and hoping you won't get burned
tuesday - so awake


avail - clone
the movielife - self-destruct
nickxfury - teenage straightedge
outlaw order - alcohol tobacco firearms


off with their heads - s.o.s.
white york - very hi-fi devices
reach the sky - so far from home
the red chord - upper decker


the dedication - this poison
austrian death machine - get to the choppa
reversal of man - get the kid with the sideburns
bad brains - sailin' on
birdflesh - cake full of maggots


olehole - gunslinger
canadian rifle - cider block/creep
finntroll - nattfodd
get rad - stop the puppy holocaust
giant haystacks - the scar that will never heal


red roses for a blue lady - it doesn't make me 10 again(cut off wtf?)
hail of bullets - the crucial offensive(19-11=1942, 7:30 am)
coliseum - am i demon(danzig cover)
finger print - my innocent lips


lair of the minotaur - horde of undead vengeance
can we take a quick, quiet moment to appreciate the crushing awesomeness that is the last breakdown in "upper decker" by the red chord?

fuckin' awesome.

goddamn, son.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

forest city lovers pt. 2

So here's another song/video from that album, and god, this band is a) amazingly sweet and talented, and b) adorable.

tonight i got my picture taken with sarah palin!

thankfully, fall out boy found all of kanye's lost swagger, and have no problem taking over as chicago's overly bombastic pop superstars. fuck, the hooks on this album are incredible. there are some missteps in the middle of the album(namely, "the (shipped) gold standard"), but overall this is a natural and seamless progression from their last album, and they've found a new maturity and comfort level, easing from the southern rock stomp of "i don't care" to channeling bowie on "america's suitehearts" with abandon and skill. also, can we take a moment to appreciate how fucking awesome "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" is? fuck, the trumpet licks! the piano part! the weird spoken word part at the end that rips off glassjaw? god. tremendous. don't sleep on this.

this almost makes up for how annoyed i am with '808's and heartbreak'.

i recently got a sansa 4 gig clip mp3 player, and it is charming, and adorable, and makes my walk to work so much better. i spent this afternoon walking around and kicking snow into the nearby man-made freshwater lake(which they stock with fish so people can fish for them), and listening to the "black pear tree" ep from the mountain goats and kaki king. like i've mentioned, i'm slowly falling out of love with that band, as they morph farther and farther away from what attracted me to them in the first place. most of that ep is skippable, if you ask me RIGHT NOW(which, of course, will probably change as i listen to it more), but the last two songs are fucking amazing, and rival anything else john darnielle has done. "roger patterson van" is based on a kaki king guitar piece(apparently originally written for a japanese anime according to a live clip on youtube), with john's lyrics and vocal melody over it. as a result, it has an entirely unique feel in the mountain goats canon, seeming jauntier and more foreign influenced(i hear a lot of french guitar stylings, but maybe that's just me) than most of his work, and as a result, it's insanely catchy, and genuinely feels like a collaboration between the two instead kaki king playing john's guitar parts or john singing ms. king's lyrics. i'm also curious as to which roger patterson john meant. there's roger patterson, the bigfoot enthusiast(which, 'heritic pride' was an album about monsters), or roger patterson, the bass player for atheist, who was tragically killed in a car accident. the van leads me to believe it's a reference to the bass player, but i like the double possibilities of musician and monster-hunter.(edit: upon further reflection, the lyrics about two young men clearing out the wreck seems to point to the member of atheist. ah well, it was an interesting idea while it lasted.) the last song is written from the point of view of toad, from super mario brothers, and is a painful ode to his savior who only comes after seasons of trembling and hiding in the corners of basements while "guys dressed up like sorcerers" patrol the halls of the castle. it's a touching reminder that you can add depth and beauty to even the most simple of narratives. (which is one of the reasons i fell in love with the mountain goats to begin with.)

hey, here's one of the best songs released in 2008(though this version is from 2007):

Sunday, December 7, 2008

dec. 6th, 2008

judas priest - breakin' the law
gwar - school's out(alice cooper cover)
the dillinger escape plan - 43% burnt
diecast - peacemaker


the copyrights - kids of the black hole
saves the day - always ten feet tall
against me - pints of guinness make you strong(live)
weston - just like kurt


fordirelifesake - never isn't something for everyone
cave in - moral eclipse
refused - summerholidays vs. punkroutine
converge - disintegration(the cure cover)


emtombed - wolverine blues
the chuck dukowski sextet - my war(black flag cover)
the gaslight anthem - the '59 sound
i hate myself - destroy all monsters


jawbreaker - p.s. new york is burning
lost horizon - world through my fateless eyes
the scorpions - hurricane 2000
murder by death - comin' home


pig destroyer - girl in the slayer jacket
propaghandi - letter of resignation
the carrier - hello uncertainty
my summer as a salvation soldier - stagedives and highfives


one king down - god loves, man kills
total fucking destruction - seth putnam is wrong about a lot of things, but seth putnam is right about you
necrophagist - mutilate the stillborn
the faceless - coldly calculated design


piebald - grace kelly with wings(live)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

and boston is the reason that i'm feeling so blue

goddamn, i miss when piebald was around and awesome. except i didn't listen to them then.


i wish i hadn't spent so much time in high school listening to kmfdm.(i mean, i do still love the kmfdm, i just wish i'd spent more time taking advantage of the tremendous amount of amazing bands performing on a regular basis around me.)

ignore the fact that they talk for like, three years before the song starts. the crowd is totally into them, and the band fucking kills it. i wish more bands around now had this sort of post-hardcore indie rock sound that was super prevalent around this time. stuff like small brown bike, the national blue, etc. luckily, able baker fox is kind of rocking this sound(which is unsurprising, given that they're ex-casket lottery and ex-small brown bike.) they just put out an album called 'voices', and it's one of the better cds released this year. apparently they wrote the whole thing over the internet, trading riffs over the e-mail and suchlike, and it's shockingly cohesive for something created in such a disjointed manner. i saw one of their first shows(it actually might have been their first one) in early spring in chicago, and while i was one of ten people there, and one of their singers was sick that night, it was a pretty great time.

tonight's show should be a good time. i've been working hard all morning on it. tune in, but don't tune out. the revolution will not be televised.

Friday, December 5, 2008

a punk rock song won't ever change the world, but i can tell you about a couple that changed me

so, today, i think i managed to get a couple of records i've always really wanted:

starkweather - croatoan(scored this on ebay for $14 shipped. i think this might be cheaper than it was originally priced for, but hey, this album is criminally slept on. metalcore that appeals directly to the lizard part of mine brain.)
the ergs - dorkrockcorkrod(apparently crafty records had a couple of these left? i paypaled with a quickness. hopefully this is true, and not an interweb lie. i eventually will get "upstairs/downstairs" but "jersey's best prancers" and "dorkrockcorkrod" are where it's at.)

i also picked up another avail re-issue(4 AM Friday), "hot damn" by every time i die, and "speaking in cursive" by two cow garage. the last two were $5 new.

oh, and the wingnut dishwashers union have a split out with james k. polk and the family of friends have a split out(i bought this too, today.) listen to it here: . pat the bunny(the fellow behind WDU) is one of the more charming people i've met, and i still feel a little bad about dragging him to go see wolves in the throne room. "fuck shit up" is charming, simple, and a little naive, but worth screaming along to anyway. it's punk rock, man, hearts before brains and music before money.(though, this seven-inch is costing me $7. fucking alaskan shipping.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

despite today being a really good day for the most part(snow! sass! craziness! etc.)

this song kept running through my head on the way home:

i love this bass line, and the sudden explosion into pixies-esque squall and screams. archers of loaf are really great, and it is still kind of a bummer how "ok" crooked fingers are.(though he does have a couple of songs that are really lovely.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the protomen - father of death 7-in

the protomen are one of the best bands in the united states right now. they are as much a product of springsteen worship as the gaslight anthem or the hold steady, but instead of incorporating punk or the blue-collar rock of thin lizzy or cheap trick, the protomen use jim steinmen's over-the-top operatic rock as a starting point. their one cd so far is a rock opera, and the seven inch continues the story started there. set in a dystopian future-city, the story deals with two brothers, two rivals, and a girl and her affections. standard rock opera fair, for the most part.

except the two rivals are dr. wily, and dr. light, and the two brothers are protoman and megaman.

this is where you ignore everything i wrote up there, and write off the protomen as nerd-rock. don't be a fool. like harry and the potters before them, the protomen manage to throw off the nerd-rock ghetto trappings, and write songs that fucking rule on all counts.

don't believe me? they wrote a song about how awesome beards are, and it's fucking phenominal.(

their new seven-inch is as good, if not better as their self-titled cd. the a-side, "father of death" opens with a music-box-esque tinkly melody, and quickly builds into a western-styled epic with three main vocal parts, choral backing, church bell-style percussion, and trumpet lines lifted directly from a spaghetti western. starting out as a rumination by dr. light about the possible nefarious uses of his creation, protoman, the song crescendos into a bid for emily's affections by dr. wily, finally ending with the chorus(with emily accompaning them) proclaiming "THERE WILL BE LIGHT".

the b-side finds the protomen adding their own touch to "no easy way out", the song from rocky IV. eschewing the original's synths for trumpet lines, and driving guitars, this cover is played for keeps. the protomen work as a group because they play songs with no trace of irony, just a brazen ernestness that overcomes any snobbery, and this cover is no different. to be honest, if they hadn't placed a songwriter credit on the sleeve, i may not have noticed it wasn't an original. the lyrics also mirror the themes approached in "Breaking Out"(the demo released from their upcoming cd), so while the song isn't canon per se, it also doesn't NOT fit in with their oveure.

basically, this is an essential. copies are still available at the protomen's website, but i dunno for how long. i think this is limited to 1000.

long live the protomen, long live rock 'n roll.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

nov. 29 edition.

defiance, ohio - i'm just going to leave now
the world/inferno friendship society - only anarchists are pretty
andrew wk - let's go on a date
off with their heads - i am you


jawbreaker - into to you like a train
playing enemy - she's so you(beatles cover)
john brown battery - failure: grand rapids
this is hell - permanence


you and i - no guilt on new years morning
total devestation - we want to believe
raein - bbd
haunted life - the road less traveled


darkestrah - the silk road
bruce springsteen - nebraska
bomb the music industry! - even winning feels bad
the riot before - you can't sexy dance to punk rock


the bled - f is for forensics
nation of ulysses - cool senior high school(fight song)
husker du - celebrated summer
fake problems - heck yeah, summer!


starkweather - hushabye: goodnight
first blood - next time i see you, you're dead
skinless - trample the weak, hurdle the dead
crom - wheel of pain
coke bust - fbc


thou - belt of fire to guide me cloak of night to hide me

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving: the musical

so my assigned task for this day of thanks and smallpox was to make yams. i accidentally bought too many yams, so i made 'grown-up yams'(yams in a sauce made of orange juice, freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg, and powdered ginger) and 'kid yams'(brown sugar and marshmallows!). the sun decided to show it's face, and so i got to dice yams and dance around in the sunshine, and it was all pretty great.

while making, i listened to:

bruce springsteen - born to run

Still the best rock and roll album ever. i'm not sure there's much more to say about this.

troubled hubble - making beds in a burning house

the last album troubled hubble released before they broke up, and it's an interesting mix of their old bouncy indie-pop, and a new-found cynicism. songs like "14,000 things to be happy about" are actually pretty big downers, despite their cheery bass lines. it's all still very danacble, and i will admit to a couple of ridicolous spins and turns during "to be alive and alone", the happiest song about misanthrophy(at least, until the last los campesinos! album.)

my chemical romance - the black parade

seriously, fuck the haters. this is kitchen-sink glam-goth-'n-roll and it fucking rules. combine the histrionics of the alkaline trio with the adventure and flamboyancy of queen, and you get this, and it is more fucking fun than most of the shit you like. i promise. it's also a shockingly empowering album, about rising above most of the shit that drags people down, and with entirely sincere lyrics, heroic guitar leads and driving drums, it works oh so well.
reason 345543289 to move back to chicago: JESUS LIZARD HOMETOWN REUNION SHOWS.


things to be thankful for: another youtube post

i'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the band. i understand, this makes me late to the party by a number of years, but i'm young, i've got time, etc etc etc. levon helm's voice is gruff and passionate, and the fact that he's belting this song out while drumming blows my mind. also, it's amusing that such a vivid picture of the american south could be painted by a mostly canadian band. anyway, this video is great, and so is this song.

i am slowly falling out of love with the mountain goats, but videos like this make me question that. firstly, john's wearing an eyehategod shirt, and that fucking rules. secondly, this is one of the few times when i really feel like john's falsetto voice works, and increases the power of the song, instead of just distancing the song from his earlier holler-and-shout days. thirdly, god, that man loves doing what he does, and that feeling just carries over, and it's so hard to dislike that.

happy thanksgiving, folks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new record day brings the joy into my heart:

jawbreaker - 24 hr. revenge therapy
the ergs! - that's it... bye
the ergs! - jersey's best prancers
v/a - revival road
justin town earle - the good life

i am almost done with buying the albums that most closely define my young adult life(other entries in the series: crime in stereo - the troubled stateside, bomb the music industry! - goodbye cool world).

fuck, jawbreaker is so good.
now my copy of the shorebirds LP needs to come in the mail, and we'll be set.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i hope my heart goes first

r'nr - punk's dead, hardcore's next
tristatekillingspree - let there never be another beer drank
pulsating anus - the anus that swallowed manhattan
total fucking destruction - welcome to the fascist corporate wastelands of america, part one


leviathan - made as the stale wine of wrath
digestion - in business there no law
a trillion barnacle lapse - in vitro culture
jena berlin - motion sickness


from hell - maximization
grief - i hate you
hewhocorrupts - master of profits
blood brothers - under pressure(queen cover)


mastodon - cut you up with a linoleum knife
the blue bloods - authority song(john cougar mellencamp cover)
the ergs! - running, jumping, standing still
the unlovables - disaster
rise as one - nowhere


hail of bullets - red wolves of stalin
kill the client - christian pipebomb
sunn0))) and boris - the sinking belle
birchville cat motel - lay thy hatred down
darkthrone - viking metal punks


decrepit birth - essence of creation
shai hulud - set your body ablaze
colin of arabia - kiss me goodbye


blacklisted - tourist/setting sun/wolves at my door/long way home

Friday, November 21, 2008

we could watch tv and maybe listen to some husker du

so the ergs! are broken up and trips to new york city and milkshakes on belmont ave will never be the same.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

it was brought to my attention that it is almost the end of the year, and as such, i should start working on my end of the year list.

it's gonna be a toughie.

two bands from last year's list will probably(definitely) make it on.

kanye west's new album will probably not be on there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

in transit

apparently the larry arms are playing a new year's eve show with the copyrights, the methadones, and hopefully the arrivals at reggie's, in chicago.

if you live in chicago, this is clearly the way to ring in the new years(i bet $2000 that the lawrence arms play "1000 Resolutions"), and if you don't, like myself, well...

you could always spend new year's there.

stupid alaskan airlines.

so there is a bootleg

of the revival tour over at

and i'm listening to to the version of "nights like these", and it is just wrenching. it's strange to think this is a song that i've empathized with for over six years at this point.

i am bummed i missed this tour.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

the new william elliott whitmore album drops on my birthday.

the new dress - murderous bugs with giant needle knives
meshuggah - combustion
poison the well - not within arms length/midair love message
xo skeletons - no muzzle


the falcon - the unicorn odyssey
champion - promises kept(live)
lynnrd's innards - rise above(black flag cover)
strife - to an end


between the buried and me - all bodies
arsis - dust and guilt
blacklisted - eye for an eye
black sabbath - war pigs


lifetime - knives, bats, new tats
american nightmare - depression(black flag cover)
i hate myself - not waving but drowning
converge - the saddest day
nakatomi plaza - a manifest destiny grows in brookyln


melecheesh - delgue of delusional dreams
whitechapel - possession
cancer bats - deathsmarch
blue monday - maplewood


panic - written in stone(twice! hurrah for wrong speeds!)
convicted - pressure drop
electro quarterstaff - get sick


eyehategod - lack of almost everything
modern life is war - by the sea/yesterday's trash

tonight's show felt a little off. i felt disconnected, and i feel like it came through, as i stopped talking very much near the end.

today, i am dreadfully sick, and last night makes more sense. ugh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


a) midwest straight-edge hardcore rules!(ex. get rad, convicted.)

b) drunk people talking to you about how much they loved earth crisis and strife... uncomfortable.

c) seriously, assholes, go listen to office.

d) while listening to my harry and the potters seven-inch(scarred for life), i discovered that the protomen have released a seven-inch. GO BUY RIGHT NOW.

this will probably be one of the best things released all year, and i am on tender-hooks waiting for their full-length album.

if you need more convincing, here is a song from the 7-in.

no surprise, it fucking rules.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

reasons why chicago rules

office is the best band you don't know about, even if you live in chicago. i'll be honest, i only know about them because a friend of mine said "hey, there's a dancy indie band playing at reggie's, wanna go?" and i was unsure because i was poor, but i hadn't seen said friend in awhile, and hadn't gone dancing in longer, so i agreed, and thankfully so. office plays charming new-wavey music, inspired by the talking heads and suchlike. there is almost a disarming innocence in their music, and i cannot be sad while listening to them. they just put out a new seven inch on forge again records, which i might have bought five copies of(i think having an office collection is a worthy goal, and since this is their first release on vinyl, i'm off to a good start.) and it's rockin', and i'm stoked for their new album in 2009, and you should be too. they just came off a residency at schuba's, which unfortunately i missed, living in the alaska and all, but hey. they're playing new year's eve with local h, so maybe more folks'll get into them. which is good.

because they're great.

'our city is burning' goes back on the air this saturday. also, i got a sweet music-related tattoo while in chicago. pictures eventually.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day and i can't take it

so i can't really deal with electioning right now(i am nervous as nervous can be.) and so i am listening to pop-punk and watching pop-punk youtube videos. later, i'm gonna watch the prophecy. i kind of wish i was still in alaska because at least there i could safely be at work until 5 and miss most of the election coverage. so, digger is a band i don't know much about, but my good friend avi had one of their shirts in high school, so i have some of their songs on my computer(laugh, but that's how i got into a lot of good music in high school. followin' the cooler kids.) they have a really great song about a stupid girl stealing a hat, and i wish i could find that one in a video form.

the ergs! are breaking up soon, and it's about some of the worst news possible. i mean, 2008 has been a rough year to be a band i love, and as such, modern life is war and nakatomi plaza have also called it quits. raaargh.

the steinways are fantastic and snotty and believable, and this video is pretty much everyone in pop-punk i love in one room(mikey erg, hallie from the unlovables, the steinways, etc). i love the ending to this song, and how skillfully they switch from the earnest lovelorn lyrics to "i hope that through your system all the estascy has passed" and the like.

shorebirds are fucking awesome.

that's it. i'm done for now. youtube hurrah!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

our city is burning, oct 25th, 2008: halloween edition

john carpenter - halloween theme


wax fang - halloween(misfits cover)
shai hulud - fearless vampire killers(bad brains cover)
the murder city devils - idle hands
transistor transistor - young vampires of new hampshire


git some - impending zombie apocalypse
genghis tron - board up the house
florence and the machines - my boy builds coffins
ponty's camper - astro-zombies(misfits cover)


warren zevon - roland the headless thompson gunner
alkaline trio - trouble breathing
racebannon - terror and dread
metallica - the thing that should not be


the mountain goats - michael myers resplendent
drive-by truckers - days of graduation
early graves - ghosts among us
the misfits - where eagles dare


sufjan stevens - they are night zombies! they are neighbors! they have come back from the dead! ahhh!
sabertooth zombie - lady death is into hotrods and meth addicts
jawbreaker - with or without U2(misfits/u2/etc cover medley)
brain drill - consumed by the dead


ghost mice - witches and warlocks
tamara dearing - hybrid moments(misfits cover)
the lawrence arms - ghost stories
the darkest of the hillside thickets - cthulhu dreams


harry and the potters - save ginny weasley
tullycraft - if you take away the makeup(the vampires will die)
the misfits - halloween
john carpenter - halloween theme

expect some talk about how important public radio is(it's pledge week, and i really love this station, so i ramble a bit) and a lot of talk about halloween and the misfits. the link'll pop up later today, after it uploads, and after i sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

things that are awesome about the new decibal:
-the feature on 'for justice for all'
-the list of top 50 riffs in extreme metal

things that are seriously not awesome:
-fucking wal-mart ads? i mean, i know we're in the grips of a recession, but honestly. fucking wal-mart.


also, the new cynic is really great, and i am not at all qualified to write intelligently about it, so that's all you're gonna get from me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

another episode

mercyful fate - desecration of souls
deicide - crucified for the innocence
panzerchrist - uranium angel
septic flesh - faust


celtic frost - obscured


coffins - mortification to ruin
anaal athrakh - lama sabachthani
asg - gallop song
a scanner darkly - "flow my tears," the policeman said


latterman - for someone so easy going, you sure do wear pants a lot
broadway calls - van rides and high fives
fugazi - waiting room
alkaline trio - armageddon


bane - the big gundown
have heart - no roses, no skies
cave in - trepanning(demo version)
transistor transistor - morning sickness/the price of gasoline


the mountain goats - keeping house
noism - talk shop
ruiner - lockjaw
misery index - ghosts of catalonia


austin lucas - go west
machine head - davidian
church of misery - ripping into pieces(peter sutcliffe)


murder by death - the end of the line

the first and last songs aren't me. it should be kind of obvious.

Monday, October 13, 2008


so i'm in charge of organizing our house records, and man, do we have some sweet records! most of them are in questionable condition, but here are some of the gems i've discovered lurking in our stacks of vinyl.

thin lizzy - live and dangerous
simon and garfunkel - bridge over troubled waters
bob dylan - blood on the tracks
pink floyd - the wall
b-52s - self-titled
journey - frontiers
styx - pieces of eight(dude, blue collar man is fucking awesome.)

there is also a lot of neil young, and a lot of the rolling stones.

here is my radio show from sept. 13. i'm trying to get caught up on uploading them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh my goodness, 'traitors' by misery index is fucking fantastic.

Friday, October 10, 2008

lay me down to rest

most wildly inappropriate video ever? i mean. spaceships?

here's a better video:

o'death play punked-up gothic folk music. if satan felt like taking on charlie daniels again, they'd be his session musicians. they have a new album coming out and from the opening riff to the last chord, it's pretty damn awesome. evil as all get out, perfect for the upcoming halloween/election season. they're touring as well, so if you live nearby a place they're stopping, check them out.

here's their myspace:

and here's a daytrotter session:

Monday, October 6, 2008

in the place where the lights go out

good luck is matty pop chart, and ginger alford(from one reason), and mike harping jr. and they have made the best album of 2008, most likely. they are hopeful, and wonderful, and exuberant, and everything a band should be. childlike and wise, 'into lake griffy' is the antidote to fears about the second great depression, and the oncoming police state, and unemployment, and goddamnit, why are you still reading this.

go listen.

no idea's doing the vinyl.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photoshop the smiles and spin the tears.

so right now, 1917 records are having a sale, and you can pick up attitude's "we all go down together" for $5, which is a goddamn fucking steal.(if you're not into paying for things, you can also download WAGDT or their 7-in for free at ) i'm not sure why this album/band weren't fucking huge, as this album is catchy as all get out. obviously influenced by the suicide file and labelmates ruiner, attitude plays a moshy mix of hardcore and rock 'n roll that is practically impossible to listen to and stay still. the lyrics deal are typical punk rock angst, but are delivered with such sincerity that it's hard to not get caught up in them.

i did not like their 7-in nearly as much, but the full-length is really a lot of fun.

also, the new of montreal album is weird as all get out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

quiet performance in ecology

anni rossi was a name i first heard(not literally, of course) looking through a zine detailing the performers at ladyfest in chicago. the description seemed interesting, and i remember trying to track down music from her and only coming up with a beautiful cover of radiohead's "creep".(the first video.) coming up against mostly failure(i'm not sure how i missed her myspace?), i pushed the name to the back of my mind.

today, one of her self-released cds showed up on a music website i'm a member of, and i was reminded how struck i was by her version of "creep", and my interest was sparked anew. i did some minor you-tubing, and came up with the second video, which is staggeringly beautiful and makes my bones ache for chicago, for the nights where i'd walk home at midnight, alone and smiling and dancing and caught in the lights.

she plays the viola, and percusses with her feet(ala tilly and the wall) and sounds somewhere between regina spektor and christine fellows. really really fantastic.

if you'd like to hear more, she does have a myspace.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

our city is burning continues

i am really proud of this show. i think it flows pretty well, has a lot of really great music, some more obscure than others, and yeah. it was a lot of fun to do, and i think i definitely weirded the other late-night dj(and her dog) out.


Monday, August 25, 2008

our city is burning episode 1

i now have a radio show on KRNN, 102.7 FM Juneau Alaska.

i'll be posting recordings every week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this has been an exciting couple of weeks

so the gaslight anthem have a new album coming out soon, and i am excited. their debut album was a exciting burst of springsteen-esque punk and i loved every minute of it. i've heard a couple of tracks off the new one('here's lookin' at you, kid' being my favorite so far), and it's a definate pre-order, though i'm not sure it's as cohesive as their first effort. anyway, if you're into the newer lucero sound, or wish against me didn't suck right now, the gaslight anthem should be your jam. be warned, if you're interested in picking up vinyl from them, it's gonna cost you. it's in high demand, apparently.

also, in personal news, i spend too much money on vinyl these days(but i bought my first test pressing last night. vry exciting.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

half-assed post

man, fuck muse.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

so the new girl talk is fun, but nothing really exciting. perhaps the coolest moment is when he layers lil' mama over metallica. he moves from idea to idea too quickly, and there is less of a connected feeling than there was on "night ripper". so, all in all, i don't regret the five bucks, but had i paid more, i might have been annoyed.

the new have heart is about what you'd expect. i don't think it sounds as urgent as their last one, but it's definitely a solid release. i think it's a grower. i do like the lyrical direction quite a bit.

racebannon has a new album coming out in august on southern records(quick aside, if anyone knows of a good online distro for southern records based in america, lemme know. i'm at a loss, and i'd really like to pick up some of their new stuff.), and they've got some tracks on their myspace. it doesn't sound like much of a departure from their older stuff, but they definitely haven't lost their edge at all. check it out here. the cover is also pretty fucking gross.

later, kids.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

today's releases:

new girl talk!
new have heart!

thoughts on both later.
i love mp3 download releases.
especially when you get the vinyl later.


Monday, May 19, 2008

i've got joy joy joy in my arms tonight

alright, so it seems like john darnielle really likes to play 'california song' live, but really, i generally prefer the original recording.

though, i do like the zoop version a lot.

the hold steady have a new song on their myspace, and it's solid. out of the five i've heard so far, i think it might be a bad choice for a lead single('ask her for some adderall' and 'stay positive' are both more fun) but it's not a bad song. just, i dunno. not 'chips ahoy', yanno?

florence and the machine has a new song up on the forkcast. definately worth checking out. she was in an issue of nylon, maybe she's a big deal? her voice is about the sexiest thing i've heard in at least two weeks, and that includes my co-workers and their attempts at 'sultry voices'. i guess that isn't really much compitition. anyway, this song would have fit in PERFECT in the 'deathproof' soundtrack. QT is jizzin' himself somewhere(except this prolly isn't obscure enough for him. ah well.) you can find a link yourself. you're smart.

Also, this is a neat version of 'shadow song' by the mountain goats. listen to it here. i think it's by this band called the cedars two, who have music at here. i dig it.

now to go fight with my mp3 player some more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

yikes! i'm in alaska!

this is becoming a theme, i know, i know.
sorry about not posting. i don't have a computer or actually, a home right now, so things are a little hectic. i'm currently in alaska, trying to find permanant accomandations and a computer, and once those things are back, we'll be in full swing.

firstly, in super exciting news, buried inside annouced a new cd. it's been almost three years or so since their last one(which i loooooved) and hopefully the long layover means it's going to be awesome, not "oh fuck, we can't come up with ANYTHING. let's uh, dick around for three years."

aesop rock's remix of "lovecraft in brooklyn" is out, and i dig it a lot. it's not drastically different from the original, but it's got a bit more of an evil sound, and i'm a sucker for aesop/john team-ups(the last one being 'coffee' off 'none shall pass'.) check it out here, pass your own judgment.

it's been rough finding new music up here(the radio station we listen to here is actually really great, but very college radio station-esque. lots of regina spektor, joy division, etc. i'm not complaining per se, but without internet, i'm jonesing for new stuff.) so i'm not sure what else i can throw up here without cannibalizing the other music blogs i read.

ah, ok. so one of my favorite bands in the world was called marathon. they were built from the ashes of another band called de la hoya(also awesome. the other band that rose from their ashes is nakatomi plaza, and they are holy-fucking-shit awesome, and i'll prolly write about them later.). de la hoya was a really wonderfully insightful punk band who dealt in shades of grey, instead of the typical "my war" us-vs-them paradigm. marathon was lyrically and musically fairly similiar, with maybe a bit of nicer production and smoother hooks. i got to see them just once, in a small salvation army coffee shop in derry, NH, and they played to ten people, and left everything on the stage. i wish i had been confident enough in myself to dance along, but i was 16, and wanted to be cool, and guys didn't dance in new hampshire. regardless, i got a chance to talk to aaron(the lead singer) afterwards, and he was super nice, and anyway, he's got a new project that he describes as 'folk-punk showtunes', and as a punk rock theater major, i can't really argue with that description. you can definately hear the influence of his former bands, but this is really something mostly new, and interesting. Check him out here. Red Leader Records is the label his full-length is on, and they've got a ton of awesome acts, so you should probably czech their stuff out too.

tonight i go on a fancy whale watch, and eat the fanciest of fancy food. i'll be the kid in the transistor transistor shirt(speaking of, they've got a new record out, and i dunno if i like it as much as "erase our names..." but it's def. worth looking into.), lookin' out of place as always.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'm not dead yet.

sorry for the long absence. real life got intense.

things that have happened this year:
blacklisted put out an absolutely killer album on deathwish inc. it's all dark and life of agony-riffic. the last track("Wish") is the best song they've ever written, and "I am Weighing Me Down" destroys as well. i think i might prefer the 7-in versions of some of the songs, but still, do not pass up this release.
modern life is war broke up, and i was at their last show. i'm working on a long write-up that's a sort of final testament to the band, which will be posted partially here, and in full in my zine. it was one of the most emotional shows i've ever been to, and they will be solely missed.
fishboy stayed at my house, and they are really nice guys.
leviathan put out a new album, and it's furious and evil and you should probably go buy it.
i went to china, and listened to 'heretic pride' by the mountain goats almost the entire time. it's a solid album, but there are two songs i skip every time. 'autoclave' is the new 'no children'. 'lovecraft in brooklyn' took a while to grow on me but it's about one of the first songs that makes urban decay and displacement sound sexy.

new music for your listening pleasure:

Hayaino Daisuki
hey guys, remember that totally awesome band discordance axis? well, the singer from that band sings for this one. they play a sort of amped up version of thrash metal that approaches grindcore and slays. fucking totally slays. they have an EP out on hydrahead, and it rules.

this band has an absolutely fantastic cover of 'this year' by the mountain goats on the youtubes. they've got a new album coming out on plan it x, and they're touring with the ghost mice(and opening for kimya dawson for two shows.), so i imagine semi-big(folk-punk big?) things for this band. they are two girls who play charmingly plaintive songs over acoustic strumming. the harmonies are really charming. this is pitch-perfect spring music.

i will do my best to keep this more updated, but i am moving to alaska soon, and i have no idea what the internet situation will be up there. i also might get eaten by a polar bear.