Monday, May 19, 2008

i've got joy joy joy in my arms tonight

alright, so it seems like john darnielle really likes to play 'california song' live, but really, i generally prefer the original recording.

though, i do like the zoop version a lot.

the hold steady have a new song on their myspace, and it's solid. out of the five i've heard so far, i think it might be a bad choice for a lead single('ask her for some adderall' and 'stay positive' are both more fun) but it's not a bad song. just, i dunno. not 'chips ahoy', yanno?

florence and the machine has a new song up on the forkcast. definately worth checking out. she was in an issue of nylon, maybe she's a big deal? her voice is about the sexiest thing i've heard in at least two weeks, and that includes my co-workers and their attempts at 'sultry voices'. i guess that isn't really much compitition. anyway, this song would have fit in PERFECT in the 'deathproof' soundtrack. QT is jizzin' himself somewhere(except this prolly isn't obscure enough for him. ah well.) you can find a link yourself. you're smart.

Also, this is a neat version of 'shadow song' by the mountain goats. listen to it here. i think it's by this band called the cedars two, who have music at here. i dig it.

now to go fight with my mp3 player some more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

yikes! i'm in alaska!

this is becoming a theme, i know, i know.
sorry about not posting. i don't have a computer or actually, a home right now, so things are a little hectic. i'm currently in alaska, trying to find permanant accomandations and a computer, and once those things are back, we'll be in full swing.

firstly, in super exciting news, buried inside annouced a new cd. it's been almost three years or so since their last one(which i loooooved) and hopefully the long layover means it's going to be awesome, not "oh fuck, we can't come up with ANYTHING. let's uh, dick around for three years."

aesop rock's remix of "lovecraft in brooklyn" is out, and i dig it a lot. it's not drastically different from the original, but it's got a bit more of an evil sound, and i'm a sucker for aesop/john team-ups(the last one being 'coffee' off 'none shall pass'.) check it out here, pass your own judgment.

it's been rough finding new music up here(the radio station we listen to here is actually really great, but very college radio station-esque. lots of regina spektor, joy division, etc. i'm not complaining per se, but without internet, i'm jonesing for new stuff.) so i'm not sure what else i can throw up here without cannibalizing the other music blogs i read.

ah, ok. so one of my favorite bands in the world was called marathon. they were built from the ashes of another band called de la hoya(also awesome. the other band that rose from their ashes is nakatomi plaza, and they are holy-fucking-shit awesome, and i'll prolly write about them later.). de la hoya was a really wonderfully insightful punk band who dealt in shades of grey, instead of the typical "my war" us-vs-them paradigm. marathon was lyrically and musically fairly similiar, with maybe a bit of nicer production and smoother hooks. i got to see them just once, in a small salvation army coffee shop in derry, NH, and they played to ten people, and left everything on the stage. i wish i had been confident enough in myself to dance along, but i was 16, and wanted to be cool, and guys didn't dance in new hampshire. regardless, i got a chance to talk to aaron(the lead singer) afterwards, and he was super nice, and anyway, he's got a new project that he describes as 'folk-punk showtunes', and as a punk rock theater major, i can't really argue with that description. you can definately hear the influence of his former bands, but this is really something mostly new, and interesting. Check him out here. Red Leader Records is the label his full-length is on, and they've got a ton of awesome acts, so you should probably czech their stuff out too.

tonight i go on a fancy whale watch, and eat the fanciest of fancy food. i'll be the kid in the transistor transistor shirt(speaking of, they've got a new record out, and i dunno if i like it as much as "erase our names..." but it's def. worth looking into.), lookin' out of place as always.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'm not dead yet.

sorry for the long absence. real life got intense.

things that have happened this year:
blacklisted put out an absolutely killer album on deathwish inc. it's all dark and life of agony-riffic. the last track("Wish") is the best song they've ever written, and "I am Weighing Me Down" destroys as well. i think i might prefer the 7-in versions of some of the songs, but still, do not pass up this release.
modern life is war broke up, and i was at their last show. i'm working on a long write-up that's a sort of final testament to the band, which will be posted partially here, and in full in my zine. it was one of the most emotional shows i've ever been to, and they will be solely missed.
fishboy stayed at my house, and they are really nice guys.
leviathan put out a new album, and it's furious and evil and you should probably go buy it.
i went to china, and listened to 'heretic pride' by the mountain goats almost the entire time. it's a solid album, but there are two songs i skip every time. 'autoclave' is the new 'no children'. 'lovecraft in brooklyn' took a while to grow on me but it's about one of the first songs that makes urban decay and displacement sound sexy.

new music for your listening pleasure:

Hayaino Daisuki
hey guys, remember that totally awesome band discordance axis? well, the singer from that band sings for this one. they play a sort of amped up version of thrash metal that approaches grindcore and slays. fucking totally slays. they have an EP out on hydrahead, and it rules.

this band has an absolutely fantastic cover of 'this year' by the mountain goats on the youtubes. they've got a new album coming out on plan it x, and they're touring with the ghost mice(and opening for kimya dawson for two shows.), so i imagine semi-big(folk-punk big?) things for this band. they are two girls who play charmingly plaintive songs over acoustic strumming. the harmonies are really charming. this is pitch-perfect spring music.

i will do my best to keep this more updated, but i am moving to alaska soon, and i have no idea what the internet situation will be up there. i also might get eaten by a polar bear.