Monday, May 19, 2008

i've got joy joy joy in my arms tonight

alright, so it seems like john darnielle really likes to play 'california song' live, but really, i generally prefer the original recording.

though, i do like the zoop version a lot.

the hold steady have a new song on their myspace, and it's solid. out of the five i've heard so far, i think it might be a bad choice for a lead single('ask her for some adderall' and 'stay positive' are both more fun) but it's not a bad song. just, i dunno. not 'chips ahoy', yanno?

florence and the machine has a new song up on the forkcast. definately worth checking out. she was in an issue of nylon, maybe she's a big deal? her voice is about the sexiest thing i've heard in at least two weeks, and that includes my co-workers and their attempts at 'sultry voices'. i guess that isn't really much compitition. anyway, this song would have fit in PERFECT in the 'deathproof' soundtrack. QT is jizzin' himself somewhere(except this prolly isn't obscure enough for him. ah well.) you can find a link yourself. you're smart.

Also, this is a neat version of 'shadow song' by the mountain goats. listen to it here. i think it's by this band called the cedars two, who have music at here. i dig it.

now to go fight with my mp3 player some more.

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