Sunday, June 22, 2008

so the new girl talk is fun, but nothing really exciting. perhaps the coolest moment is when he layers lil' mama over metallica. he moves from idea to idea too quickly, and there is less of a connected feeling than there was on "night ripper". so, all in all, i don't regret the five bucks, but had i paid more, i might have been annoyed.

the new have heart is about what you'd expect. i don't think it sounds as urgent as their last one, but it's definitely a solid release. i think it's a grower. i do like the lyrical direction quite a bit.

racebannon has a new album coming out in august on southern records(quick aside, if anyone knows of a good online distro for southern records based in america, lemme know. i'm at a loss, and i'd really like to pick up some of their new stuff.), and they've got some tracks on their myspace. it doesn't sound like much of a departure from their older stuff, but they definitely haven't lost their edge at all. check it out here. the cover is also pretty fucking gross.

later, kids.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

today's releases:

new girl talk!
new have heart!

thoughts on both later.
i love mp3 download releases.
especially when you get the vinyl later.