Sunday, September 28, 2008

quiet performance in ecology

anni rossi was a name i first heard(not literally, of course) looking through a zine detailing the performers at ladyfest in chicago. the description seemed interesting, and i remember trying to track down music from her and only coming up with a beautiful cover of radiohead's "creep".(the first video.) coming up against mostly failure(i'm not sure how i missed her myspace?), i pushed the name to the back of my mind.

today, one of her self-released cds showed up on a music website i'm a member of, and i was reminded how struck i was by her version of "creep", and my interest was sparked anew. i did some minor you-tubing, and came up with the second video, which is staggeringly beautiful and makes my bones ache for chicago, for the nights where i'd walk home at midnight, alone and smiling and dancing and caught in the lights.

she plays the viola, and percusses with her feet(ala tilly and the wall) and sounds somewhere between regina spektor and christine fellows. really really fantastic.

if you'd like to hear more, she does have a myspace.

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