Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photoshop the smiles and spin the tears.

so right now, 1917 records are having a sale, and you can pick up attitude's "we all go down together" for $5, which is a goddamn fucking steal.(if you're not into paying for things, you can also download WAGDT or their 7-in for free at http://www.1917records.com/attitude-downloads.html ) i'm not sure why this album/band weren't fucking huge, as this album is catchy as all get out. obviously influenced by the suicide file and labelmates ruiner, attitude plays a moshy mix of hardcore and rock 'n roll that is practically impossible to listen to and stay still. the lyrics deal are typical punk rock angst, but are delivered with such sincerity that it's hard to not get caught up in them.

i did not like their 7-in nearly as much, but the full-length is really a lot of fun.

also, the new of montreal album is weird as all get out.

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