Sunday, October 26, 2008

our city is burning, oct 25th, 2008: halloween edition

john carpenter - halloween theme


wax fang - halloween(misfits cover)
shai hulud - fearless vampire killers(bad brains cover)
the murder city devils - idle hands
transistor transistor - young vampires of new hampshire


git some - impending zombie apocalypse
genghis tron - board up the house
florence and the machines - my boy builds coffins
ponty's camper - astro-zombies(misfits cover)


warren zevon - roland the headless thompson gunner
alkaline trio - trouble breathing
racebannon - terror and dread
metallica - the thing that should not be


the mountain goats - michael myers resplendent
drive-by truckers - days of graduation
early graves - ghosts among us
the misfits - where eagles dare


sufjan stevens - they are night zombies! they are neighbors! they have come back from the dead! ahhh!
sabertooth zombie - lady death is into hotrods and meth addicts
jawbreaker - with or without U2(misfits/u2/etc cover medley)
brain drill - consumed by the dead


ghost mice - witches and warlocks
tamara dearing - hybrid moments(misfits cover)
the lawrence arms - ghost stories
the darkest of the hillside thickets - cthulhu dreams


harry and the potters - save ginny weasley
tullycraft - if you take away the makeup(the vampires will die)
the misfits - halloween
john carpenter - halloween theme

expect some talk about how important public radio is(it's pledge week, and i really love this station, so i ramble a bit) and a lot of talk about halloween and the misfits. the link'll pop up later today, after it uploads, and after i sleep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

things that are awesome about the new decibal:
-the feature on 'for justice for all'
-the list of top 50 riffs in extreme metal

things that are seriously not awesome:
-fucking wal-mart ads? i mean, i know we're in the grips of a recession, but honestly. fucking wal-mart.


also, the new cynic is really great, and i am not at all qualified to write intelligently about it, so that's all you're gonna get from me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

another episode

mercyful fate - desecration of souls
deicide - crucified for the innocence
panzerchrist - uranium angel
septic flesh - faust


celtic frost - obscured


coffins - mortification to ruin
anaal athrakh - lama sabachthani
asg - gallop song
a scanner darkly - "flow my tears," the policeman said


latterman - for someone so easy going, you sure do wear pants a lot
broadway calls - van rides and high fives
fugazi - waiting room
alkaline trio - armageddon


bane - the big gundown
have heart - no roses, no skies
cave in - trepanning(demo version)
transistor transistor - morning sickness/the price of gasoline


the mountain goats - keeping house
noism - talk shop
ruiner - lockjaw
misery index - ghosts of catalonia


austin lucas - go west
machine head - davidian
church of misery - ripping into pieces(peter sutcliffe)


murder by death - the end of the line

the first and last songs aren't me. it should be kind of obvious.

Monday, October 13, 2008


so i'm in charge of organizing our house records, and man, do we have some sweet records! most of them are in questionable condition, but here are some of the gems i've discovered lurking in our stacks of vinyl.

thin lizzy - live and dangerous
simon and garfunkel - bridge over troubled waters
bob dylan - blood on the tracks
pink floyd - the wall
b-52s - self-titled
journey - frontiers
styx - pieces of eight(dude, blue collar man is fucking awesome.)

there is also a lot of neil young, and a lot of the rolling stones.

here is my radio show from sept. 13. i'm trying to get caught up on uploading them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oh my goodness, 'traitors' by misery index is fucking fantastic.

Friday, October 10, 2008

lay me down to rest

most wildly inappropriate video ever? i mean. spaceships?

here's a better video:

o'death play punked-up gothic folk music. if satan felt like taking on charlie daniels again, they'd be his session musicians. they have a new album coming out and from the opening riff to the last chord, it's pretty damn awesome. evil as all get out, perfect for the upcoming halloween/election season. they're touring as well, so if you live nearby a place they're stopping, check them out.

here's their myspace:

and here's a daytrotter session:

Monday, October 6, 2008

in the place where the lights go out

good luck is matty pop chart, and ginger alford(from one reason), and mike harping jr. and they have made the best album of 2008, most likely. they are hopeful, and wonderful, and exuberant, and everything a band should be. childlike and wise, 'into lake griffy' is the antidote to fears about the second great depression, and the oncoming police state, and unemployment, and goddamnit, why are you still reading this.

go listen.

no idea's doing the vinyl.