Sunday, November 30, 2008

nov. 29 edition.

defiance, ohio - i'm just going to leave now
the world/inferno friendship society - only anarchists are pretty
andrew wk - let's go on a date
off with their heads - i am you


jawbreaker - into to you like a train
playing enemy - she's so you(beatles cover)
john brown battery - failure: grand rapids
this is hell - permanence


you and i - no guilt on new years morning
total devestation - we want to believe
raein - bbd
haunted life - the road less traveled


darkestrah - the silk road
bruce springsteen - nebraska
bomb the music industry! - even winning feels bad
the riot before - you can't sexy dance to punk rock


the bled - f is for forensics
nation of ulysses - cool senior high school(fight song)
husker du - celebrated summer
fake problems - heck yeah, summer!


starkweather - hushabye: goodnight
first blood - next time i see you, you're dead
skinless - trample the weak, hurdle the dead
crom - wheel of pain
coke bust - fbc


thou - belt of fire to guide me cloak of night to hide me

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving: the musical

so my assigned task for this day of thanks and smallpox was to make yams. i accidentally bought too many yams, so i made 'grown-up yams'(yams in a sauce made of orange juice, freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg, and powdered ginger) and 'kid yams'(brown sugar and marshmallows!). the sun decided to show it's face, and so i got to dice yams and dance around in the sunshine, and it was all pretty great.

while making, i listened to:

bruce springsteen - born to run

Still the best rock and roll album ever. i'm not sure there's much more to say about this.

troubled hubble - making beds in a burning house

the last album troubled hubble released before they broke up, and it's an interesting mix of their old bouncy indie-pop, and a new-found cynicism. songs like "14,000 things to be happy about" are actually pretty big downers, despite their cheery bass lines. it's all still very danacble, and i will admit to a couple of ridicolous spins and turns during "to be alive and alone", the happiest song about misanthrophy(at least, until the last los campesinos! album.)

my chemical romance - the black parade

seriously, fuck the haters. this is kitchen-sink glam-goth-'n-roll and it fucking rules. combine the histrionics of the alkaline trio with the adventure and flamboyancy of queen, and you get this, and it is more fucking fun than most of the shit you like. i promise. it's also a shockingly empowering album, about rising above most of the shit that drags people down, and with entirely sincere lyrics, heroic guitar leads and driving drums, it works oh so well.
reason 345543289 to move back to chicago: JESUS LIZARD HOMETOWN REUNION SHOWS.


things to be thankful for: another youtube post

i'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the band. i understand, this makes me late to the party by a number of years, but i'm young, i've got time, etc etc etc. levon helm's voice is gruff and passionate, and the fact that he's belting this song out while drumming blows my mind. also, it's amusing that such a vivid picture of the american south could be painted by a mostly canadian band. anyway, this video is great, and so is this song.

i am slowly falling out of love with the mountain goats, but videos like this make me question that. firstly, john's wearing an eyehategod shirt, and that fucking rules. secondly, this is one of the few times when i really feel like john's falsetto voice works, and increases the power of the song, instead of just distancing the song from his earlier holler-and-shout days. thirdly, god, that man loves doing what he does, and that feeling just carries over, and it's so hard to dislike that.

happy thanksgiving, folks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new record day brings the joy into my heart:

jawbreaker - 24 hr. revenge therapy
the ergs! - that's it... bye
the ergs! - jersey's best prancers
v/a - revival road
justin town earle - the good life

i am almost done with buying the albums that most closely define my young adult life(other entries in the series: crime in stereo - the troubled stateside, bomb the music industry! - goodbye cool world).

fuck, jawbreaker is so good.
now my copy of the shorebirds LP needs to come in the mail, and we'll be set.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i hope my heart goes first

r'nr - punk's dead, hardcore's next
tristatekillingspree - let there never be another beer drank
pulsating anus - the anus that swallowed manhattan
total fucking destruction - welcome to the fascist corporate wastelands of america, part one


leviathan - made as the stale wine of wrath
digestion - in business there no law
a trillion barnacle lapse - in vitro culture
jena berlin - motion sickness


from hell - maximization
grief - i hate you
hewhocorrupts - master of profits
blood brothers - under pressure(queen cover)


mastodon - cut you up with a linoleum knife
the blue bloods - authority song(john cougar mellencamp cover)
the ergs! - running, jumping, standing still
the unlovables - disaster
rise as one - nowhere


hail of bullets - red wolves of stalin
kill the client - christian pipebomb
sunn0))) and boris - the sinking belle
birchville cat motel - lay thy hatred down
darkthrone - viking metal punks


decrepit birth - essence of creation
shai hulud - set your body ablaze
colin of arabia - kiss me goodbye


blacklisted - tourist/setting sun/wolves at my door/long way home

Friday, November 21, 2008

we could watch tv and maybe listen to some husker du

so the ergs! are broken up and trips to new york city and milkshakes on belmont ave will never be the same.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

it was brought to my attention that it is almost the end of the year, and as such, i should start working on my end of the year list.

it's gonna be a toughie.

two bands from last year's list will probably(definitely) make it on.

kanye west's new album will probably not be on there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

in transit

apparently the larry arms are playing a new year's eve show with the copyrights, the methadones, and hopefully the arrivals at reggie's, in chicago.

if you live in chicago, this is clearly the way to ring in the new years(i bet $2000 that the lawrence arms play "1000 Resolutions"), and if you don't, like myself, well...

you could always spend new year's there.

stupid alaskan airlines.

so there is a bootleg

of the revival tour over at

and i'm listening to to the version of "nights like these", and it is just wrenching. it's strange to think this is a song that i've empathized with for over six years at this point.

i am bummed i missed this tour.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

the new william elliott whitmore album drops on my birthday.

the new dress - murderous bugs with giant needle knives
meshuggah - combustion
poison the well - not within arms length/midair love message
xo skeletons - no muzzle


the falcon - the unicorn odyssey
champion - promises kept(live)
lynnrd's innards - rise above(black flag cover)
strife - to an end


between the buried and me - all bodies
arsis - dust and guilt
blacklisted - eye for an eye
black sabbath - war pigs


lifetime - knives, bats, new tats
american nightmare - depression(black flag cover)
i hate myself - not waving but drowning
converge - the saddest day
nakatomi plaza - a manifest destiny grows in brookyln


melecheesh - delgue of delusional dreams
whitechapel - possession
cancer bats - deathsmarch
blue monday - maplewood


panic - written in stone(twice! hurrah for wrong speeds!)
convicted - pressure drop
electro quarterstaff - get sick


eyehategod - lack of almost everything
modern life is war - by the sea/yesterday's trash

tonight's show felt a little off. i felt disconnected, and i feel like it came through, as i stopped talking very much near the end.

today, i am dreadfully sick, and last night makes more sense. ugh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


a) midwest straight-edge hardcore rules!(ex. get rad, convicted.)

b) drunk people talking to you about how much they loved earth crisis and strife... uncomfortable.

c) seriously, assholes, go listen to office.

d) while listening to my harry and the potters seven-inch(scarred for life), i discovered that the protomen have released a seven-inch. GO BUY RIGHT NOW.

this will probably be one of the best things released all year, and i am on tender-hooks waiting for their full-length album.

if you need more convincing, here is a song from the 7-in.

no surprise, it fucking rules.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

reasons why chicago rules

office is the best band you don't know about, even if you live in chicago. i'll be honest, i only know about them because a friend of mine said "hey, there's a dancy indie band playing at reggie's, wanna go?" and i was unsure because i was poor, but i hadn't seen said friend in awhile, and hadn't gone dancing in longer, so i agreed, and thankfully so. office plays charming new-wavey music, inspired by the talking heads and suchlike. there is almost a disarming innocence in their music, and i cannot be sad while listening to them. they just put out a new seven inch on forge again records, which i might have bought five copies of(i think having an office collection is a worthy goal, and since this is their first release on vinyl, i'm off to a good start.) and it's rockin', and i'm stoked for their new album in 2009, and you should be too. they just came off a residency at schuba's, which unfortunately i missed, living in the alaska and all, but hey. they're playing new year's eve with local h, so maybe more folks'll get into them. which is good.

because they're great.

'our city is burning' goes back on the air this saturday. also, i got a sweet music-related tattoo while in chicago. pictures eventually.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day and i can't take it

so i can't really deal with electioning right now(i am nervous as nervous can be.) and so i am listening to pop-punk and watching pop-punk youtube videos. later, i'm gonna watch the prophecy. i kind of wish i was still in alaska because at least there i could safely be at work until 5 and miss most of the election coverage. so, digger is a band i don't know much about, but my good friend avi had one of their shirts in high school, so i have some of their songs on my computer(laugh, but that's how i got into a lot of good music in high school. followin' the cooler kids.) they have a really great song about a stupid girl stealing a hat, and i wish i could find that one in a video form.

the ergs! are breaking up soon, and it's about some of the worst news possible. i mean, 2008 has been a rough year to be a band i love, and as such, modern life is war and nakatomi plaza have also called it quits. raaargh.

the steinways are fantastic and snotty and believable, and this video is pretty much everyone in pop-punk i love in one room(mikey erg, hallie from the unlovables, the steinways, etc). i love the ending to this song, and how skillfully they switch from the earnest lovelorn lyrics to "i hope that through your system all the estascy has passed" and the like.

shorebirds are fucking awesome.

that's it. i'm done for now. youtube hurrah!