Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day and i can't take it

so i can't really deal with electioning right now(i am nervous as nervous can be.) and so i am listening to pop-punk and watching pop-punk youtube videos. later, i'm gonna watch the prophecy. i kind of wish i was still in alaska because at least there i could safely be at work until 5 and miss most of the election coverage. so, digger is a band i don't know much about, but my good friend avi had one of their shirts in high school, so i have some of their songs on my computer(laugh, but that's how i got into a lot of good music in high school. followin' the cooler kids.) they have a really great song about a stupid girl stealing a hat, and i wish i could find that one in a video form.

the ergs! are breaking up soon, and it's about some of the worst news possible. i mean, 2008 has been a rough year to be a band i love, and as such, modern life is war and nakatomi plaza have also called it quits. raaargh.

the steinways are fantastic and snotty and believable, and this video is pretty much everyone in pop-punk i love in one room(mikey erg, hallie from the unlovables, the steinways, etc). i love the ending to this song, and how skillfully they switch from the earnest lovelorn lyrics to "i hope that through your system all the estascy has passed" and the like.

shorebirds are fucking awesome.

that's it. i'm done for now. youtube hurrah!

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