Wednesday, November 12, 2008

reasons why chicago rules

office is the best band you don't know about, even if you live in chicago. i'll be honest, i only know about them because a friend of mine said "hey, there's a dancy indie band playing at reggie's, wanna go?" and i was unsure because i was poor, but i hadn't seen said friend in awhile, and hadn't gone dancing in longer, so i agreed, and thankfully so. office plays charming new-wavey music, inspired by the talking heads and suchlike. there is almost a disarming innocence in their music, and i cannot be sad while listening to them. they just put out a new seven inch on forge again records, which i might have bought five copies of(i think having an office collection is a worthy goal, and since this is their first release on vinyl, i'm off to a good start.) and it's rockin', and i'm stoked for their new album in 2009, and you should be too. they just came off a residency at schuba's, which unfortunately i missed, living in the alaska and all, but hey. they're playing new year's eve with local h, so maybe more folks'll get into them. which is good.

because they're great.

'our city is burning' goes back on the air this saturday. also, i got a sweet music-related tattoo while in chicago. pictures eventually.

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