Thursday, November 27, 2008

things to be thankful for: another youtube post

i'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the band. i understand, this makes me late to the party by a number of years, but i'm young, i've got time, etc etc etc. levon helm's voice is gruff and passionate, and the fact that he's belting this song out while drumming blows my mind. also, it's amusing that such a vivid picture of the american south could be painted by a mostly canadian band. anyway, this video is great, and so is this song.

i am slowly falling out of love with the mountain goats, but videos like this make me question that. firstly, john's wearing an eyehategod shirt, and that fucking rules. secondly, this is one of the few times when i really feel like john's falsetto voice works, and increases the power of the song, instead of just distancing the song from his earlier holler-and-shout days. thirdly, god, that man loves doing what he does, and that feeling just carries over, and it's so hard to dislike that.

happy thanksgiving, folks.

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