Saturday, December 6, 2008

and boston is the reason that i'm feeling so blue

goddamn, i miss when piebald was around and awesome. except i didn't listen to them then.


i wish i hadn't spent so much time in high school listening to kmfdm.(i mean, i do still love the kmfdm, i just wish i'd spent more time taking advantage of the tremendous amount of amazing bands performing on a regular basis around me.)

ignore the fact that they talk for like, three years before the song starts. the crowd is totally into them, and the band fucking kills it. i wish more bands around now had this sort of post-hardcore indie rock sound that was super prevalent around this time. stuff like small brown bike, the national blue, etc. luckily, able baker fox is kind of rocking this sound(which is unsurprising, given that they're ex-casket lottery and ex-small brown bike.) they just put out an album called 'voices', and it's one of the better cds released this year. apparently they wrote the whole thing over the internet, trading riffs over the e-mail and suchlike, and it's shockingly cohesive for something created in such a disjointed manner. i saw one of their first shows(it actually might have been their first one) in early spring in chicago, and while i was one of ten people there, and one of their singers was sick that night, it was a pretty great time.

tonight's show should be a good time. i've been working hard all morning on it. tune in, but don't tune out. the revolution will not be televised.

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