Saturday, December 20, 2008

oh my god! an ill reindeer!

goodness, have things been hectic around here lately. it is, of course, the holiday season, and that means a) i have to buy people presents, and b) i have to make a christmas mix.

a) is complete! success! things are not mailed, but oh well, things can be late. life will go on.

b) also complete.


1. hank thompson - it's christmas everyday in alaska
2. ludacris - ludachrismas
3. the hives and cyndi lauper - christmas duel
4. the one-ups - super mario's sleigh ride
5. glam chops - countdown to christmas
6. the waitresses - christmas wrapping
7. star wars holiday - what can you get a wookie for christmas(when he already has a comb?)
8. the mountain goats - run run rudolph(live, chuck berry cover)
9. ghostface killah - ghostface xmas
10. PAS/CAL - last christmas(wham! cover)
11. vince guaraldi - skating
12. jens lekman - run away with me
13. quiet company - have yourself a merry little christmas
14. the dismemberment plan - this christmas
15. the royal guardsmen- snoopy's christmas
16. bruce springsteen - merry christmas, baby!

now to finish christmas cards. merry holidays, folks.

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