Friday, December 5, 2008

a punk rock song won't ever change the world, but i can tell you about a couple that changed me

so, today, i think i managed to get a couple of records i've always really wanted:

starkweather - croatoan(scored this on ebay for $14 shipped. i think this might be cheaper than it was originally priced for, but hey, this album is criminally slept on. metalcore that appeals directly to the lizard part of mine brain.)
the ergs - dorkrockcorkrod(apparently crafty records had a couple of these left? i paypaled with a quickness. hopefully this is true, and not an interweb lie. i eventually will get "upstairs/downstairs" but "jersey's best prancers" and "dorkrockcorkrod" are where it's at.)

i also picked up another avail re-issue(4 AM Friday), "hot damn" by every time i die, and "speaking in cursive" by two cow garage. the last two were $5 new.

oh, and the wingnut dishwashers union have a split out with james k. polk and the family of friends have a split out(i bought this too, today.) listen to it here: . pat the bunny(the fellow behind WDU) is one of the more charming people i've met, and i still feel a little bad about dragging him to go see wolves in the throne room. "fuck shit up" is charming, simple, and a little naive, but worth screaming along to anyway. it's punk rock, man, hearts before brains and music before money.(though, this seven-inch is costing me $7. fucking alaskan shipping.)

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