Saturday, December 27, 2008

reasons why this was a sweet year, #2: protestant - the hate, the hollow

fuck, man.

i am not sure i can come up with a better summation of this album. protestant were cool enough when i saw them a couple of years ago, but they have matured into a fierce animal that conjures up the best moments of planes mistaken for stars, converge, and the hope conspiracy. you remember losing your shit over how furious "endnote" was? yeah, get ready for that same sort of rush. i swear, this band sounds positively apocalyptic for most of this disc. tempo changes and tension passages keep shit from getting boring, and the right touch of scuzz in the production makes this release one of the most impressive hardcore records released this year. between protestant, get rad, harm's way, and convicted, the midwest is running hardcore these days. get stoked.

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