Saturday, December 27, 2008

reasons why this was a sweet year #3: imadethismistake - it's okay

imadethismistake used to just be kylewilliam campol and it was charming. he played anxious, earnest folk-punk that would have fit right in with the majority of the plan-it x roster(especially chris clavin). on his latest album, "it's okay", he's enlisted the help of evan mclaughlin(on bass) and codee vinegar(on drums), and while the album still heavily features kylewilliam's fast-paced nasally vocals(sometimes it feels like he's going to run out of song), there's a fullness and a completeness that his previous releases lacked. the lyrics still tread the line between earnest and cliche, but fall mostly on the side of earnest and charming, and the music is somewhere between cap'n jazz and against me! with a healthy dose of the gainsville sound. the subject matter is shockingly down for a record called "it's okay", but there is always a glimmer of hope. the song "ocd is bs" sums this kind of attitude up really with with it's oft-repeated gang-vocal line "life won't get any easier, so live it while you can." it's one of the stand out moments of the album, where evan and codee almost chant this refrain over a kinsella-esque bass/drum line(with twinkly guitar, natch), and you understand exactly what they mean.

it's gonna be okay.

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