Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a short break from writing about the year 2008

i absolutely adore aaron from de la hoya/marathon/attica! attica!, and i am listening to his version of "no children" by the mountain goats, and i am struck by a couple of things.

a) i really do like this song, regardless of how many other people are obsessed with it. it is one of the first mountain goats songs i've heard, and though i immediately applied it to my life(a bad move when you're 17, trying to direct your first play, and starting to be really interested in girls. all i listened to that summer was "tallahassee" and "jane doe" by converge. neither of these albums have positive portrayals of the romancing. this might explain a lot about the whole 'running away to alaska, listening to too much black metal' business, but then again, it might not.)

b) aaron sings a "whoa-oh" at the same time I ALWAYS DO TOO and goodness, i am glad i'm not the only person who thinks it belongs there.

you can find his version of "no children" on a specially limited 10' record from red leader records. it's a birthday thing, and nakatomi plaza, the new dress, and scream hello also contribute covers(of built to spill, the carter family, and superchunk, in order.) it's a good release. i don't know if they have sold out or not yet.

while we're on the subject of covers, and the mountain goats, mr. darnielle's version of "When I Get Home"(originally by baby dee) is really fantastic. he removes some of the vocal fanciness that baby dee uses, and instead focuses on the stark lyrics of abuse, over a harshly strummed guitar. eventually his voice fades, and is replaced by a xylophone(or a glockenspiel) playing the melody. i think it's from a john peel session. it's worth seeking out.

goddamn. just when you think you get out, they suck you back in. fuckin' john darnielle.

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