Saturday, January 31, 2009

matty pop chart is in good luck, and that band is amazing, and so is his solo work, especially this song.

so paul baribeau wrote this song called 'boys don't cry', and the ergs! covered it, and now, here's mikey erg and paul baribeau singing it together which is pretty fucking awesome.

and here's one of my favorite artists covering another one of my favorite artists, and it's not perfect, but enthusiasm counts for a lot in my book, and there's boatloads of it on display here.

more paul baribeau, this time with ginger alford, who is also in good luck(see what i'm doing here?) covering bruce springsteen. i love how excited paul gets in the video, like he's also tripping over himself, and the words, but manages to get everything out just in time. this might be more worthwhile that whatever bruce does tomorrow.(it's harsh, but i am really not a fan of the new album at all. sorry, dudes.)

the name of the band is nana grizol, by the way.

and oh lord, this song is so perfect. tullycraft loves this band, so do i, do you need more endorsement than that? tough. go buy their album.

oh, i'm not so good with words

this is where i'd like to be.

Friday, January 30, 2009

today, as i read my copy of decibel(THE GRINDCORE ISSUE) at work, one of my co-workers mentioned that a metal band was playing downtown this saturday. having long wondered why the USBM doesn't have a foothold in alaska, i was curious. lifted embrace is the name of the band, and they are terrible. imagine if diecast stripped all the hardcore influences off their second album(day of reckoning, one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures), and you know, had no imagination.

goddamn, i hate this town some days.

luckily, obscura exists. cleanse your ears. buy me the vinyl for my birthday.

your saviour might forgive, but i won't.

austin lucas has a new album coming out soon, and you can pre-order it at vinyl collective. he has some new songs up at his myspace, and they're worth taking a listen to. you can hear a hint of bluegrass in his nasally voice, and a whole lot of country, mixed with a certain sort of sad-old-punk weariness. he tours with chuck ragan and tim barry often, and i think he's got another one of those coming along soon.

office has a new album out for free, entitled 'mecca'. you can download it here. it's catchy, and charming, and probably one of the better indie-dance-rock albums i've heard in awhile. if you enjoy brainy dance music, ala the talking heads or of montreal, you should probably check these guys out. i gushed about them earlier, so i won't bore you folks too much.

and here's the guy from the riot before covering lucero:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

but i know we'll be okay one of these fucking days.

sorry for lack of posting, we're short staffed at the clinic and as a result, i come home, and have enough energy to play left 4 dead for two hours, lose faith in the future, and then i crawl to bed.

latterman helps, though. especially this song.

i think i fucked up an awful lot this time. ergh.

algernon cadwallader - look down
bomb the music industry! - 25 hour goddamn telethon
cannibal corpse - a cauldron of hate
american heritage - way to go, cowboy


nightbringer - feast of the manes
skyforger - why the horns of war are blown
kanye west - homecoming
crime in stereo - it ain't all hugs and handshakes


none left standing - station identification
frail - crooked necks and uneven strides
count me out - 110
sarcofago - satanas


giant squid - revolution in the water
modern life is war - the motorcycle boy reigns
goldust - hellsent
frodus - there will be no more scum


metallica - for whom the bell tolls
kite flying society - this picture was my heart
lost horizon - sworn in the metal wind


landmine marathon - skin from skull
city of caterpiller - a little change could go a long way
napalm death - feeling redundant
monster x - pma
the mountain goats - sarcofago live
xasthur - a gate through bloodstained mirrors

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

yeah, it's a shitty fan-video, but fuck it, song is great, and today was pretty neat. i'm still cautious about the whole thing, but hopeful. it's hard to not get swept up.

in other news, scrambles by bomb the music industry got pushed back to feb. 15th. what the fuck. there is a new song on his myspace, it's neat, but i am still upset about this whole deal.
this is the most charming, and theo kind of looks like a young version of my favorite professor i had in college. i didn't realize madeline was in this band, but it makes sense.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the new william elliot whitmore is really great. this song is my favorite.

yeah. that's about it for right now.

you are who you fuck, or so i've been told(jan 17th)

this is hell - here come the rains


alkaline trio - take lots with alcohol
aura noir - gaping grave awaits
birdflesh - external wounds of vagina power
colin of arabia - slow dance(live)


marathon - photosynthesis
blackened - let them drink venom
caina - ten went up river
wolf whistle - cold fire
trap them -


nas - the world is yours
righteous jams - scream and shout(live in wers)
pale creation - rage contained
paul baribeau - never got to know


gwar - bring back the bomb
have heart - something more than ink
graf orlock - captives of the thuggee
murder by death - comin' home


shorebirds - people i live with
i hate myself - caught in a flood with the captain of the cheerleading squad
the darkest of the hillside thickets - jimmy the squid
bomb the music industry! - i'm a panic bomb, baby


16 - let me down(again)
the closest fairies - posi-summer song
cursive - the recluse
doomriders - listen up!


william elliot whitmore - johnny law
andrew jackson jihad - 'nother beer
buried inside - time as surrogate religion


ed gein - small towns, small minds
el-p - up all night
embrace - do not consider yourself free
fairweather - whatever it takes


flipper - life is cheap

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

pocket full of change

hmmm. there is a warner brother's comp coming up with a bunch of people covering a bunch of people.

the only interesting one is mastodon taking on "just got paid" by zz top.

i mean, it's mostly interesting because i want to see if it even touches the version by rapeman(steve albini's band between big black and shellac.)

i bet it doesn't.

in other music news:
"no surrender" is now my favorite bruce springsteen song.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

true till death?

this song fucking flat out rules. i have listened to it perhaps twelve times tonight, and i can not imagine a time when it would not be welcome to hear.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


so the record shop(the only one) in juneau is shutting it's doors at the end of this month.
this means 50% off vinyl.

today's haul:
bruce springsteen - born in the usa
bruce springsteen - live 1975-85
the band - the last waltz
simon and garfunkel - the collected works
shellac - excellent italian greyhound(new!)
v/a - rocky soundtrack
toto - IV(just for africa)
billy joel - the stranger
tom jones - i(who have nothing)
steely dan - aja
leo kotte - greenhouse
todd rundgren - something/anything?(this is for my dad, he's been looking for a copy for awhile.)
maynard ferguson - conquistador(just for "gonna fly now")

total: $59

all of them are in great condition except for the rocky soundtrack, and born in the usa, but heck, i ain't quibbling.
moving to chicago is going to be a pain.

for my birthday

i would like plane tickets to atlanta.

holy fuck:

i'll be honest, i'm a little sad we're making plans for maryland death fest, and not this shindig. though, to be honest, it sounds like a headache to get in, and i dunno how all those bands are going to play in a twelve hour span of time.

fuck, though. converge, high on fire, boris, nachtmystium, torche, harvey milk, wolves in the throne room, withered, tyr, rwake, skeletonwitch, krallice...

goddamn. that's a show.

Friday, January 9, 2009

because a friend asked

top ten of 2008:

1. blacklisted - heavier than heaven, lonelier than god
2. good luck - into lake griffy
3. shorebirds - it's gonna get ugly
4. forest city lovers - haunting moon sinking
5. nana grizol - love it love it
6. the gaslight anthem - the '59 sound
7. okkervil river - the stand-ins
8. the hold steady - stay positive
9. imadethismistake - it's okay
10. los campesinos! - we are beautiful, we are doomed

bands that just missed: coffins, nachtmystium, o'death, genghis tron, max tundra, cancer bats, gridlink, the steinways, transistor transistor, cynic, the lucksmiths

i'm gonna trying to continue writing up neat cds from 2008 that i think got short changed on most people's radar. so, look for more of that soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pours out the speakers like blood from my mouth

i'm gonna write about 'ruined lives' by transistor transistor soon, but "erase all names and likeness" came today, and FUCK, 'power chord academy' destroys. i hope i'm deaf if not dead.

i hate growing up.

i wasn't a big fan of andrew jackson jihad's 2008 album "only god can judge me"(mostly that weird song about cats eating mice but giving birth to mice turned me off), but this song is pretty much spot fucking on.

this is probably the best song they've ever written, though.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

reasons why 2008 was a sweet year #4: the jet age - what did you do during the war, daddy?

so, the jet age kind of sound like the who, and they've written a concept album of about a father who becomes a suicide bomber to rectify the many injustices he sees in the world around him.

set in the united states.(SCARE CHORD.)

while this seems like the set up for a hokey, overblown polemic, it's actually handled deftly and if desired, is easily ignored. this isn't coheed and cambria, folks.

what this is, is catchy, hooky indie rock with gusto and verve. the jet age is one of the fullest sounding trios i've heard in some time, managing to wring the most out of their combination of drums, bass, and guitar(with some keyboarding done by the guitar player). the rhythm section especially deserves kudos, both drum and bass taking unexpected melodic advantage of the space afforded by the trio instrumetation. recalling classic rock like the who, and more recent acts like ted leo, the jet age is a neat band, and you should probably listen to them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

first show of the new year!

relative - guilt is hope
the jammy dodgers - no gods, no masters
metallica - creeping death
jawbreaker - tour song


megadeth - peace sells
leviathan - merging with sword, onto them
watchmaker - nihilism and despair
colin of arabia - arrivederci motherfucker


small brown bike - make this a holiday
1905 - can't change everything
testament - more than meets the eye
think i care - heads will roll
108 - weapon


napalm death - time waits for no slave
intestine baalism - wind of death
at the gates - cold
a forest of stars - earth and matter


hawks and doves - i'm on fire(bruce springsteen cover)
wingnut dishwasher's union - free and alone
gods and queens - untitled 3
grey area - hold on tight


wolves in the throne room - cleansing
only living witness - december
racer x - blowin' up the radio


dear landlord - lake ontario

oh yeah, oh yeah

my new year's resolution is the same as it was last year: fuck shit up.

playlist from last night, and a review of another good cd from 2008 later tonight. the show was alright, but it felt off, and someone called in to tell me they didn't like things, and you know what? i'm not a fucking ipod, or pandora. i'm going to play things that i think are worthwhile, and maybe you will like them, and i am happy if you like them, but if you do not, at least you heard something new.

dude was also complaining about leviathan and colin of arabia. pffft. shit's awesome, bro!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

oh 2009

bomb the music industry! - scrambles - jan. 22, 2o09

fuck yes!
this year already rules!

the new track i heard kind of sounds like harvey danger!

yeah! stoked! so stoked!

also, gonna buy my tickets to maryland deathfest soon soon soon. i am toying with the idea of doing a review for a cd by every band playing, but that might be TOO MUCH METAL for me, so we'll see. 2008 re-cap continues soon. i promise.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

it's the end of a fucked up year.
there's another one coming.

more reasons to not hate 2008 are coming, i've just been really out of it lately, and it's hard to write reviews without coming off as a fucking moron, so i've just taken a bit of a break.