Friday, January 9, 2009

because a friend asked

top ten of 2008:

1. blacklisted - heavier than heaven, lonelier than god
2. good luck - into lake griffy
3. shorebirds - it's gonna get ugly
4. forest city lovers - haunting moon sinking
5. nana grizol - love it love it
6. the gaslight anthem - the '59 sound
7. okkervil river - the stand-ins
8. the hold steady - stay positive
9. imadethismistake - it's okay
10. los campesinos! - we are beautiful, we are doomed

bands that just missed: coffins, nachtmystium, o'death, genghis tron, max tundra, cancer bats, gridlink, the steinways, transistor transistor, cynic, the lucksmiths

i'm gonna trying to continue writing up neat cds from 2008 that i think got short changed on most people's radar. so, look for more of that soon.

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