Saturday, January 31, 2009

matty pop chart is in good luck, and that band is amazing, and so is his solo work, especially this song.

so paul baribeau wrote this song called 'boys don't cry', and the ergs! covered it, and now, here's mikey erg and paul baribeau singing it together which is pretty fucking awesome.

and here's one of my favorite artists covering another one of my favorite artists, and it's not perfect, but enthusiasm counts for a lot in my book, and there's boatloads of it on display here.

more paul baribeau, this time with ginger alford, who is also in good luck(see what i'm doing here?) covering bruce springsteen. i love how excited paul gets in the video, like he's also tripping over himself, and the words, but manages to get everything out just in time. this might be more worthwhile that whatever bruce does tomorrow.(it's harsh, but i am really not a fan of the new album at all. sorry, dudes.)

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