Saturday, January 10, 2009


so the record shop(the only one) in juneau is shutting it's doors at the end of this month.
this means 50% off vinyl.

today's haul:
bruce springsteen - born in the usa
bruce springsteen - live 1975-85
the band - the last waltz
simon and garfunkel - the collected works
shellac - excellent italian greyhound(new!)
v/a - rocky soundtrack
toto - IV(just for africa)
billy joel - the stranger
tom jones - i(who have nothing)
steely dan - aja
leo kotte - greenhouse
todd rundgren - something/anything?(this is for my dad, he's been looking for a copy for awhile.)
maynard ferguson - conquistador(just for "gonna fly now")

total: $59

all of them are in great condition except for the rocky soundtrack, and born in the usa, but heck, i ain't quibbling.
moving to chicago is going to be a pain.

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