Tuesday, January 6, 2009

reasons why 2008 was a sweet year #4: the jet age - what did you do during the war, daddy?

so, the jet age kind of sound like the who, and they've written a concept album of about a father who becomes a suicide bomber to rectify the many injustices he sees in the world around him.

set in the united states.(SCARE CHORD.)

while this seems like the set up for a hokey, overblown polemic, it's actually handled deftly and if desired, is easily ignored. this isn't coheed and cambria, folks.

what this is, is catchy, hooky indie rock with gusto and verve. the jet age is one of the fullest sounding trios i've heard in some time, managing to wring the most out of their combination of drums, bass, and guitar(with some keyboarding done by the guitar player). the rhythm section especially deserves kudos, both drum and bass taking unexpected melodic advantage of the space afforded by the trio instrumetation. recalling classic rock like the who, and more recent acts like ted leo, the jet age is a neat band, and you should probably listen to them.

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Thanks! -The guitar player