Friday, January 30, 2009

your saviour might forgive, but i won't.

austin lucas has a new album coming out soon, and you can pre-order it at vinyl collective. he has some new songs up at his myspace, and they're worth taking a listen to. you can hear a hint of bluegrass in his nasally voice, and a whole lot of country, mixed with a certain sort of sad-old-punk weariness. he tours with chuck ragan and tim barry often, and i think he's got another one of those coming along soon.

office has a new album out for free, entitled 'mecca'. you can download it here. it's catchy, and charming, and probably one of the better indie-dance-rock albums i've heard in awhile. if you enjoy brainy dance music, ala the talking heads or of montreal, you should probably check these guys out. i gushed about them earlier, so i won't bore you folks too much.

and here's the guy from the riot before covering lucero:

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