Friday, February 27, 2009

birthday thoughts: a youtube mixtape

i'm not thrilled about this whole thing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

and this is what happens when i spend all day watching ok movies

angel katz - nancy drew
bread and roses - i sing of olaf glad and big
hop along, queen ansleis - bruno is orange
brian fallon - same problems, new city


bruce springsteen - thunder road('chrissy version')
bomb the music industry! - can i pay my rent in fun?
fishboy - accidents
light fm - stormtroopers


screeching weasel - hey suburbia
dear landlord - three to the beach
digger - i want my hat back
michael jordan touchdown pass - so called enemies
chinese telephones - keep smiling
jawbreaker - kiss the bottle


bomb the music industry! - anywhere i lay my head(tom waits cover)
grey area - better man
lagrecia - two shotguns
rumspringer - nothing left but stale beer


darkthrone - hiking metal punks
cheap tragedies - (my boss ain't no) jewish carpenter
the darkest of the hillside thickets - chapter III: no way
latterman - mumbled words and ridiculous faces


dead milkmen - punk rock girl
fall out boy - chicago is so two years ago
de la hoya - union square
the muppets - mahna mahna
neutral milk hotel - two-headed boy(live)


new bad things - the i suck
pretty boy thorson & the falling angels - a song about hope and the lack thereof
scream hello! - this long night
nakatomi plaza - miguel


andrew jackson jihad - people II: the reckoning
heathers - reading in the dark
the advantage - super mario bros 2: the overworld

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

one word reviews of what i've recently heard:
buried inside - spoils of failure: crushing
bomb the music industry! - scrambles: adventurous!
cattle decapitation - the harvest floor: career-high(i'm cheating i know)
bishop allen - grrr... : over-produced
v\a - death might be your santa claus: amazing~!

i want to write more about all of these things, but i put "zopilote machine" by the mountain goats on the turntable, and it's currently occupying all my headspace. i am struck by the efficient way john uses words, the abstract metaphors filling in for direct statements. the way he simply repeats things sometimes, while managing to create complex situations is something i admire, and envy.

"alpha in tauris" is still one of my favorite songs, and i can still remember how i feel in love with with words at first, and eventually tracked down the music.

and of course, there is always "going to georgia".
this is my all-time favorite version: the mountain goats - going to georgia(live, with alastair galbraith)

happy valentine's day!

woe - solitude
vinterland - as i behold the dying sun
the lawrence arms - 100 resolutions
kowloon walled city - my hands are turning to bricks


csso - living dead a go go
success will write apocalypse across the sky - a path
the get up kids - red letter day
noism - death-meta-logic


propaghandi - without love
1349 - celestial deconstruction
graf orlock - a shocking interrogation
misery index - discordia(acoustic version)


ahab - the hunt
off with their heads - your child is dead
playing enemy - the end of something
get bent - ridgewood, son


the carrier - hello uncertainty
daughters - hyperventilationsystem
kill the client - sedated youth
deadguy - makeshift atomsmasher


the devil's blood - river of gold
cattle decapitation - tooth enamel and concrete
diablo swing orchestra - rag doll physics


severed saviour - inverted and inserted

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"i need to catch the early train where-ever it may go"

until your heart stops sounds like they came out of boston in 2001, instead of cali in 2007. with guitar solos ripped straight from the bars playbook, and basslines that recall the best parts of the suicide file, this is east-coast style hardcore through and through. the vocals remind me vaguely of the dedication. in other words, pained and vicious. despite their obvious influences, until your hearts stops sounds uniquely like themselves. "ghost town" is the obvious stand-out track, with mosh 'n roll solos bracketing the song, and weird tension breakdowns that aren't so much a release as the sound of everything bubbling over.

i'm excited to see where these guys go.

download here.(link stolen from the band's blog.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so, honestly, folks

my love for the protomen is well-documented.

so, here's some youtube love for them, since i seem to be unable to write anything of substance right now.

it's a new song! that everyone agrees is kind of like 'radar love', which is kind of fucking awesome.

and this, this is jon brion-levels of genius. i think pat benetar would deck danzig in a fight, north side kings style.

finally, we close with this. the best song about beards ever written, and also, seriously, one of the most triumphant songs ever. the female vocals at the end are just about the best thing in the world.

tune in next time, when i try to write something worthwhile about either this band or this band.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

this is only sort of related to music

but as i was reading final crisis(WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT GRANT MORRISON WHAT THE FUCK pretty much sums up my reaction), "massive conspiracy against all life" by leviathan came on, and that's pretty much the perfect soundtrack to an epic story about darkseid.

i went a different route this time

the world inferno friendship society - and embarked on a life of poverty and freedom
1905 - can't change everything
xoxo panda - the world will deem us dangerous
the unlovables - today's the day(i finally kissed you)


paul baribeau - ten things
death is not glamorous - close knit
against me! - reinventing axl rose(acoustic version)
o'death - brother(murder by death cover)


atom and his package - hats off to halford(live)
delay - married
bread and roses - dump the bosses off your back
tullycraft - the punks are writing love songs


piebald - all you need is drums to start a dance party
bomb the music industry! - never trust a man without a horribly embarassing secret
the riot before - we are wyld stallions
jawbreaker - boxcar(live)


jason anderson - to make something beautiful everyday
lemuria - hours
lifetime - just a quiet evening
defiance, ohio - road signs always look better looking over your shoulder
get rad - we're all smiles


saves the day - always ten feet tall(live)
crime in stereo - play it loud, fuckers
the ergs! - warm and sharp
the gaslight anthem - we came to dance


latterman - fear and loathing in long island
the max levine ensemble - love, capital l
good luck - sleep with no bad dreams
the mountain goats - jenny


jena berlin - foolish optimism
mischief brew - a rebel's romance
the movielife - this time next year
nana grizol - motion in the ocean


the steinways - oh angela
the hospital bombers - kittens
polar bear club - most miserable life
the hold steady - ask her for adderall
hifi handgrenades - facing the firing squad

sometimes you have to build things back up after tearing them down.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

so, brother, raise another pint

murder by death, the world's premier "what if unforgiven was a zombie movie" band has started their 7-in split series. the basic premise is mbd cherry-picks partners in crime, and then they switch songs. the first two choices are iowan-born bluesman william elliott whitmore, and crazed folksters o'death.

some thoughts:
i love murder by death bunches, but so far, they've been outclassed on these splits. william takes "dynamite mine" and strips the dramatics away from the original, leaving just his voice(including some absolutely charming humming) and his banjo, effectively turning the song into an traditional blues song. o'death stamp "brother" with their brand of folk-on-meth, starting out deceptively slow, but amping up the energy to heights unexpected. suited both for fancy dancing with steps, and pogoing with your punky friends, it's what i expected from them, and still gleefully surprising. in contrast, murder by death's takes on "one man's shame" and "home" seem heavy-handed, and weighted down by mournful vocals. "home" fares the better of the two, as the dynamic contrasts and tempo changes near the end compliment murder by death's style a little better. "one man's shame" is turned into a strange tom waits-esque tango(down to vocals that sound like they're sung through a megaphone) that doesn't suit the song at all.

so, so far guests 2, murder by death 0.
and as expensive as these seven-inches are, i'm not sure i can whole-heartedly recommend them. if you get one, i'd go with the mbd/o'death one.

they are found here.

BUT YOU SHOULD go see murder by death on tour.
rock out for me. they aren't coming to alaska this time around.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

can we start again?

salt your wounds.