Wednesday, February 18, 2009

one word reviews of what i've recently heard:
buried inside - spoils of failure: crushing
bomb the music industry! - scrambles: adventurous!
cattle decapitation - the harvest floor: career-high(i'm cheating i know)
bishop allen - grrr... : over-produced
v\a - death might be your santa claus: amazing~!

i want to write more about all of these things, but i put "zopilote machine" by the mountain goats on the turntable, and it's currently occupying all my headspace. i am struck by the efficient way john uses words, the abstract metaphors filling in for direct statements. the way he simply repeats things sometimes, while managing to create complex situations is something i admire, and envy.

"alpha in tauris" is still one of my favorite songs, and i can still remember how i feel in love with with words at first, and eventually tracked down the music.

and of course, there is always "going to georgia".
this is my all-time favorite version: the mountain goats - going to georgia(live, with alastair galbraith)

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