Sunday, March 29, 2009


i saw them play this song in a tiny studio apartment in brooklyn, with a close friend of mine, and while it has never really actually applied to my life, it's always weirdly resonated with me.

i miss the ergs!

marching out like lions.

the misfits - astro zombies(live)
blacklisted - tourist(live)
converge - you fail me
amesoeurs - heurt


the lawrence arms - quincentuple your money
like bats - hellbound
black flag - i've had it/nervous breakdown(live)
matt and kim - daylight
pestilence - dehydrated II


the replacements - i will dare
the replacements - left of the dial(live)
against me! - bastards of young(replacements cover)
justin townes earle - can't hardly wait(replacements cover)
lucero - if only you were lonely(replacements cover)


buried inside - II
wolf whistle - california sun
gorguts - nostalgia
convicted - only the strong
destroyer 666 - clenched fist
embrace today - hope


dillinger four - a jingle for the product
tombs - beneath the toxic jungle
brutal truth - bob dylan wrote propaganda songs(the minutemen)


hatebreed - doomsayer
jawbreaker - chesterfield king(live)
imadethismistake - friends and enemies
the hope conspiracy - violent and grey
the honor system - the sound of sinking


bomb the music industry! - the soul crushing northeast
bomb the music industry! - can i pay my rent in fun?
bomb the music industry! - i'm a panic bomb, baby!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

le sigh.

mastodon's cover of "just got paid".

entirely unneeded.

at least we'll always have the rapeman version.

Friday, March 27, 2009

sometimes i forget

sin fang bous is a band from iceland, and i don't know a thing about them except that i really think this cover of "landslide" is dreamy.

for more sounds, click here.

march onwards~!(21st.)

thorns of life - i hate new york(live)
streetlight manifesto - a better place, a better time
the riot before - i have my books
saves the day - always ten feet tall


absu - ...of the dead who never rest in their tombs are the attendance of familiar spirits including: a.) diversified signs inscribed b.) our earth of black c.) voor
give up the ghost - young hearts be free tonight
andrew jackson jihad - 2 headed boy(neutral milk hotel cover)
jena berlin - foolish optimism


mayhem - buried by time and dust
napalm death - larceny of the heart
olehole - chimps night out
meshuggah - this spiteful snake


gwar - the reaganator
obscura - orbital elements
threadbare - feed
prostitute disfigurement - killing for company


coroner - sirens
protestant - a smaller world
tunng - bullets
the carrier - epilogue: forgiveness
a trunk full of dead bodies - finger in your throat


cattle decapitation - tooth enamel and concrete
buried inside - V
champion - the truth


coffins - the frozen styx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

short bits.

-the jury is still out of thorns of life. some of these songs seem alright, but the one about blake losing his virginity is fucking cringe worthy. i didn't realize that it was a thorns of life song, and to be honest, i'm really bummed out about it. it is a horrible song. listen here for a live recording. pretty decent quality, and i stole the link from the b9.(thanks, stormy!)
-the new amesoeurs is dreamy, and the new pestilence is solid.
-i got a copy of 'can't slow down' by saves the day for my birthday and that album puts such a smile on my face. there really isn't a bad song on that album, and it taps right into that 16 year old in me who spent way too much money driving around new england in the fall with his windows down singing too loudly and trying to forgot about the callous way people can be.

tune into our city is burning this week for a chance to win a 'the saddest landscape' cd!

this show felt off. sorry, folks

dillinger four - the great american going out business sale
the dirtbombs - fire in the western world
the sidekicks - "chips bring a party down"
nakatomi plaza - not hopeless


paul baribeau - falling in love with your best friend
good luck - sleep with no bad dreams
the replacements - kiss me on the bus
art brut - the replacements
the weakerthans - benediction


propaghandi - the funeral march
the suicide file - song for katy
a storm of light - brother
SSD - how much art


the serious geniuses - almost shameless
the saddest landscape - the temptation that is you
the mountain goats - from tg&y(live)
rumspringer - nothing left but stale beer
psyched to die - new hampshire man's quandry
austin lucas - somebody loves you


botch - to our friends in the great white north
defeater - nameless streets
defiance ohio - you are loved
owen - everyone feels like home


bloody panda - anxiety hangover(eyehategod cover)
our love will destroy the world - stillborn plague angels

Friday, March 13, 2009

short note.

owen(mike kinsella) posted a new song on his myspace. it's strange to hear him singing about being happy, as most of his songs are epically mopey. it's called "amnesia and me" and i don't know how i feel about it. it is nice to hear him happy, but i'm not sure it still has the emotional heft of his earlier songs. i feel bad about saying that, because it makes it sound like i want him to continue writing songs that make me stay in bed all day, which is not what i want, i just didn't feel some of the imagery in this one.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

destruction, terror, motherfucker say what?

firstly, a bit of sad news.

birchville cat motel broke up.

here's the good news:
campbell kneale(the fellow behind BCM) is still making music, just under a differ moniker. he's now constructing soundscapes as "our love will destroy the world"(coincidentally my favorite BCM album), and has released a seven-inch("polished glass autobahn") and an LP("stillborn plague angels") already. as expected, they're awesome, and do display a break with his previous work. the seven-inch displays a sort of burbling kindness, far from the bleakness of mr. kneale's other other project, black boned angel(which was starting to seep into BCM at the end, to be honest.) the LP is a different beast filled with drones that tap directly into primal instincts, bypassing intelligent thought. walking around the supermarket and listening to it produces a incredible narrowing of goals. i can't even remember the faces of anyone else in that place, just the need to get my food, and leave. tremendously isolating and liberating, these are love songs for glaciers. both releases come highly recommended by the our city is burning staff.

two interesting interviews with the man behind all the racket can be found here, and here. they are especially helpful in understanding the reasoning behind the name change.

neko case has also released a new album("middle cyclone"). it is tremendously lovely and incredibly fierce. not content to have one of the more powerful voices around, neko incarnates herself as a metaphorical force of nature on this new album. this is the woman britney spears wishes she had the confidence to be, a man-eater, a destructive wind-storm paving the road to her love with unfortunate bodies. the opening track("this tornado loves you") is easily one of the best songs of this year, and perhaps recent memory and the rest of the album measures up. the band backing ms. case is no slouch either, providing a counterpoint to neko case's voice but never eclipsing her. the thirty minutes of frogs chirping at the end of the album is pretty fuckin' ballsy, too. this is neko case firmly in control of her considerable gifts, and again, comes highly recommended.

short reviews:
laura gibson - beasts of season: beautiful, sparse heart-rending songs from oregon. for fans of carissa's wierd, christine fellows, laura perhaps reminds me most of a rural regina spektor covered in snow with more focus.

kylesa - static tensions: i was never a huge fan of this band, but that has all changed with this album. holy fucking shit. hands-down best metal album of this year so far. fist-pumping dirty metal that never ever loses sight of the goal: destruction. maybe the closest reference points are new cave-in and old mastodon, but really, this is a new beast.

also, listen to abner jay, and the congos.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

special: "fuck you vatican" edition.

content zero - last caress(misfits cover)
cobalt - arsonry


leftover crack - atheist anthem
deicide - crucified for the innocence
vital remains - icons of evil
kill the client - in god you thrust


the protomen - mother/invicible(danzig/pat benetar mashup)
narrows - chambered
iron horse - a different city(modest mouse cover)
satanic threat - don't follow him


integrity - learn to love the lie
transistor transistor - pillar of salt
the red chord - dreaming in dog years
the bug - angry ft. tippa irie
absu - ye uttuku spells


glassjaw - pretty lush
black ships - these nights in these places
antidote - something must be done
hammers of misfortune - chastity rides


mumakil - XV
outlaw order - safety off
palehorse - bleed the sheep
gridlink - 3 miles below sea level
orchid - chaos ain't me
population reduction - criminal commercial consumption


baroness - wailing wintry wind
khanate - wings from spine

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i bent my boner stage-diving.

this is still just fucking hilarious.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

another week, another dollar

wolves in the throne room - wanderer above the sea of fog
propaghandi - dear coach's corner
noothgrush - imperial march/alderaan
hail of bullets - red wolves of stalin


poison the well - slice paper wrists
the mountain goats - black pear tree(ft. kaki king)
tombs - beneath the toxic jungle
megasus - paladin vs. berserker


kylesa - insomnia for months
the explosion - points west
git some - chainsaw clothesline
the embarrassment - death travels west


off with their heads - theme song
floor - night full of kicks
enforcer - city lights
ben nichols - the kid


finger print - my innocent lips
dead raven choir - red sky at mourning
cynic - king of those who know
the zydepunks - angel whiskey


creatures - abandoned
her breath on glass - our love is ours to define
mother of mercy - pulled under
yakuza - praying for asteroids


jets to brazil - i typed for miles
a wilhelm scream - me vs. morrissey in the pretentiousness contest(the ladder match)