Thursday, March 19, 2009

short bits.

-the jury is still out of thorns of life. some of these songs seem alright, but the one about blake losing his virginity is fucking cringe worthy. i didn't realize that it was a thorns of life song, and to be honest, i'm really bummed out about it. it is a horrible song. listen here for a live recording. pretty decent quality, and i stole the link from the b9.(thanks, stormy!)
-the new amesoeurs is dreamy, and the new pestilence is solid.
-i got a copy of 'can't slow down' by saves the day for my birthday and that album puts such a smile on my face. there really isn't a bad song on that album, and it taps right into that 16 year old in me who spent way too much money driving around new england in the fall with his windows down singing too loudly and trying to forgot about the callous way people can be.

tune into our city is burning this week for a chance to win a 'the saddest landscape' cd!

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