Saturday, April 4, 2009


today was the ktoo record sale, and i spent $31.

i picked up:
the mothers of invention - freak out!
an asian bootleg of paranoid by black sabbath
the boredoms - soul discharge
john fahey - the transfiguration of blind joe death
and a bunch of other fantastic stuff.

as i listen to the crackly quiet bootleg of paranoid, i'm struck by how fucking primal and intuitive this band is. i got in an argument last night with someone about how understanding something intuitively doesn't indicate intelligence, and i feel like black sabbath is a good example of this. i am not trying to call the members dumb, mind you, but songs like "war pigs" or "iron man" display a kind of sly empathy, no brains required. the lyrics are curtains on a stained glassed view of the dark things crawling around everyone's brain. no overthinking, no pretense, just the distillation of bad energy through four unfortunate brains.

the boredoms album is quite choice as well.

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