Sunday, April 12, 2009

radio show musings.

on the sort of subject of black sabbath, the new album by heaven and hell(the dio-years black sabbath reunited business) leaked. i've only really listened to the lead single("bible black") and my initial impression was not great, and then the riff kicked in, and i was reminded why black sabbath is not strictly a band, but more an engine of destruction. fuck, man. the band just destroys, regardless of whatever nonsense babbling their lead singer is layering over it. this is not meant to write off dio. dio is fantastic, and sounds menacing as all get out detailing the tragic story of a man trapped by a book that should never be read(at least, until you concentrate on the words). anyway. i'm hopeful for the rest of the album, but at least we got one great single.

relapse is fuckin' holding it down this year so far. buried inside, agoraphobic nosebleed, obscura, and brutal truth all put out stellar fucking albums that every metal head should go out and buy right goddamn now, especially the AN.

you should probably listen to psyched to die. their debut seven-inch is out now on firestarter/grave mistake records, and it's fucking awesome. it's mikey erg, jay hunchback, brian g.(from for science), and chris frump(from fast times) and they play thrashy caustic punk rock that is tons of fun.

playlist soon. tonight's show has been a lot of fun so far.

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