Sunday, July 26, 2009

i harvest green in the city

i have seen rock plaza central twice this summer now, and both times have been sublime. rpc got some blog-notice a couple of years ago with their lurching, gospel-esque version of "sexyback" which was charmingly creepy, but their original stuff is fucking great. sounding like a weird combination of the weakerthans, the band, and a gospel choir, rpc spin tails of failure, robot horses who think they are real horses(this is actually the subject of an entire album), sex with the lights off, and wrap it all up in stirring harmonies, and lyrical quickness(no surprise, their lead singer is also an author who is currently working on a microfiction project via their twitter.) recorded they are lovely, but live they really shine, utilizing four-part harmonies, violin, mandolin, trombone, trumpet, guitar and an earnest sense of wit to bedazzle and charm.

"gutterdance" is one of my favorite songs going right now, it's on their myspace, and well worth your time, especially if you're struggling with city living, as i seem to be these days. they've just released a new album as well on paper bag records entitled "at the moment of our most needing..." it's lovely as expected, and i believe still available in limited vinyl.

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