Saturday, July 11, 2009

record score

things bought today:

gods and queens - s/t($5! new!)
get rad - bastards united
get rad/call me lightning - split
burmese -
Treaties Of Greed And Filth(i remember liking this band's full-length, aversionline hates this record apparently? my verdict soon!)
millions 7-in(maybe self-titled?)
monster x - to the positive youth
yage/engrave - split
grade - self-titled
the suicide file - things fall apart($15, not horribly priced. not a steal, but i've wanted this record foreeevvver. i remember e-mailing indecision about it after the "last" suicide file show, and then not being able to scrape up $5. bummer.)

things you should be listening to that i discovered today:
so apparently office split in half and now is two bands: office, and old fake. old fake kind of sounds like office? they're good. check 'em out. they gig around chicago fairly often, i guess.(thanks, guy from forge again!)
also, has the father phoenix ep streaming in full at this link. the fellow who runs forge again described them as a heavier deep purple. this description is not far off. i dig it quite a bit.

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