Monday, July 20, 2009

sstuffff for lisstenighn

hop along(formally hop along, queen ansleis) played my friend's house tonight, and they were charming. hop along used to just be frances quinlan and her acoustic guitar, singing songs that were somewhere between regina spektor and joanna newsom. now she rocks with a full band, and is more ginger alford than joanna newsom, and it's good stuff. anothe quinlan plays drums, and his movements were so precise and metered tonight. it made for fascinating watching, and at times he was more interesting than the rest of the band.
they're touring with p.s. eliot who are a mostly girl band with a heavy discount/jawbreaker influence, with guitar solos that sound just like something from 1970's am rock.(at least, that's what i remember thinking then.) they are also worth checking out.

this tour is headed west, so if you live west of the mississippi, keep your eyes peeled. they may hit your town(dates are at their myspaces.)

cave in has posted a steam of their new ep. you can find it here. it pretty much continues the direction "perfect pitch black" started, a weird amalgamation of "jupiter" and their first two cds. caleb scofield's vocals remain fantastic. i feel like nate newton and him must compare notes a lot.

edit: holy shit "the red trail" rips faces clean from the bone. holy shit holy shit.

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