Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i did not buy any soul records

just three live bill evans lps from the end of his career, and mr. malmsteen's "rising force".

things you should be appraised of:

converge has posted a new song at their myspace, from their upcoming full-length "axe to fall". it is fucking awesome, sounding more blatantly metallic than anything they've done to date. converge was also one of the more recently announced bands for MDF, joining autopsy, portal, coffins, and a whole host more of awesome bands.

nakatomi plaza has released their final album on their website for free, donation requested. if you enjoy their angular brand of post-punk, it's more than worth your time. if you've never heard them, i'm not sure it's the best place to start("unsettled", their last long-playing disc is fantastic), but it's free. check it out. go see them on their last tour.

famine of peste noire did an interesting interview over at diabolical conquest. it's worth reading, especially if you wanted to know the story behind their demo titled "aryan supremacy". black metal, man. what a weird culture.

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