Tuesday, August 11, 2009

shellac played millennium park last night, and it was fantastic, though terribly surreal. millennium park shows always attract an eclectic crowd, with an emphasis on hipsters, and families. my friend patrick, who is the most charming misanthrope i know, was hoping that they'd play "prayer to god"(the song above) mostly to shock the parents in attendance. they did, gloriously, and with no acknowledgment that they were in the heart of downtown chicago. steve albini's screams of "just fucking kill him" echoed off the buildings and probably could be heard faintly by those dining at the yacht club near the lake. they were in rare form, tearing through classics like "copper", and newer songs like "the end of radio" and "steady as she goes". i entirely regret not paying more attention to their set at touch and go's 25th show.

shearwater opened, and while i am not the most familiar with them, their english-folk tinged indie rock histrionics were most enjoyable.

in other news, salome has posted their cover of fugazi's blueprint on their myspace. it's pretty fucking fantastic. they are also touring this september, so if you get a chance, you should check them out. one imagines they are crushing.

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