Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's so good to see mike kinsella looking happy, since most of his recorded output as owen is quietly anguished. i think this video is really lovely in a way that i can't entirely articulate. our friends are dumb, we are dumb, but we're all in this together.

he has a new album, "new leaves", and it's pretty solid. nothing extraordinary, but it's exciting to see some happier songs on there, and as always, the guitar playing is extraordinary.

this is also amazing. i've been on a huge steven von till kick since hearing his guest spot on the newest converge, and he's essentially what i always wanted nick cave to sound like. he lacks the sardonic wit of mr. cave, but to be honest, i always found that slightly grating, and much prefer the stone-faced seriousness and open spaces found in mr. von till's work. it goes without saying that "cruel bloom"(the afore-mentioned converge song) is the best song of 2009. von till's gravely voice howls a dirge-like shanty which builds in intensity until the guitars explode in the most triumphant sludge riff ever, and von till unleashes the full force of his voice. it's fucking beautiful, and certainly enough to make one pray for a neurosis/converge tour in 2010, just so this song can be played live.

pearl and the beard are exceedingly charming. this is a song about being in love on the j train(some form of new york public transportation, i assume. fucking weirdos.), and it benefits from both glockenspiel, and massive amounts of enthusiasm. i want them to come to chicago, and play in someone's living room. most of their stuff seems a little more folky than this, but this is pure twee-indie exuberance and it's wonderful. they also have a 'will smith medley' video that's worth checking out.

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