Monday, November 23, 2009


i have had a shitty couple of weeks, and (as previously mentioned) have been seeking solace in black metal. tonight, i got home and decided to try and burn off my anger with an intense bike ride, and i arrived home elated and ready to accomplish some things. this is part of the problem with biking to work, is you forget how much fucking fun bike riding is.

anyway. i got home and threw on my newly purchased copy of "reinventing axl rose" and i'll be damned if that record doesn't feel like hope every time it comes on.

afterwards, hot water music! i made it a no idea night.

i went to see hot water music when they played their reunion shows in chicago in 2008, and despite not being SUPER familiar with them i had a fuckin' blast.

while we're on the subject of no idea, it should be noted that they just put out a new small brown bike 7-inch, two splits by the ergs and the measure(sa), and will soon be re-releasing "hello bastards" and "jersey's best dancers" by lifetime. seriously, what a great label. in no-idea related CHICAGO news, small brown bike and bridge and tunnel will be playing the beat kitchen next week. the late small brown bike show already sold out, get tickets for the afternoon quickly!(secret, seeing b+t makes the afternoon show the obvious bet anyway.)

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