Friday, November 6, 2009

this week i bought the amesoeurs full-length on vinyl(order now from beneath grey skies, or reckless records. i'm not sure who else is carrying it, especially state-side.), and it is perhaps the only reason i didn't punch someone in the face. it's absolutely gorgeous, and since it's also one of the best releases of the year, i'm surprised i haven't seen more internet press on the vinyl release.

it's been a black metal week, essentially. currently i'm listening to "meaningless leaning mess" by bone awl, and it might be one of my favorite recent black metal purchases. the minimalism of it all is so... maybe soothing is the wrong word, but it strikes a calming chord within me. repetitive riffs somewhere between the tremolo picking of traditional black metal and punk rock's rawness, and lyrics terse and enigmatic at the same time.

in a day away
from now
the night will
not let go

will hold us
in a stolen victory
smiling star-wide
a trillion fireballed grin

fucking great. the new one from liturgy is up next. i haven't listened to it yet, but i trust twenty buck spin quite a bit, especially after how unexpectedly awesome that white mice record was.

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