Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009, a retrospective pt. 11


P.S. Eliot - Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds

I caught these guys in the summer, opening for Hop Along, and fell swiftly and quickly in love. P.S. Eliot play slightly melancholy, but mostly hopeful, jangly 90's style punk-pop, close to Lemuria or maybe a female-fronted Superchunk. It's perfect for the end of summer, as the days get shorter and colder and you start to wonder if you made the best of every moment. You'll find these songs bubbling up as you as you walk home and watch your breath float away in front of you, when anxiety and confidence battle inside your head. Beautiful and fragile, treasure those moments, treasure these songs.

P.S. Eliot - Incoherent Love Songs

As an aside, you may have noticed that the numbering changed a couple of times. My system was slightly off, things had to be adjusted.

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