Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009, a retrospective pt. 5


Propagandhi - Supporting Caste

This album just fucking rips from head to toe. Propagandhi incorporated a little bit of thrash metal into their brand of acidic political punk, and as a result, created an album that absolutely destroys most other punk and crossover floating around these days. Injecting both a dark sense of humor and intelligence into their lyrics, Propagandhi have taken the place of Bad Religion as the political gateway band for disaffected punk teenagers. The album addresses topics as diverse as animal rights, the militarization of sporting events, urban alienation, and the bonding effects of aggressive music with aplomb and grace. Did I mention the album fucking rips?

Propagandhi - Night Letters


Idol Threat said...

I used to listen to these guys every now and then, and I love the first track but I can't seem to get any further than that.

edfnblair said...

I will agree that the first track is one of the strongest, but I really do think the entire record is worthwhile. Some of the riffing is fucking sick, and Chris Hannah's lyrics are just so on fucking point. I'm still really bummed I passed up a chance to see them for free because I felt kind of sick.