Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009, a retrospective pt. 12


Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues

"I was just hoping there'd be some truth, to the fairytales of my youth."

1/4th delta blues, 3/4th southern california hardcore, Lewd Acts have created the stand-out hardcore release of the year. They evoke both our current economic depression, and the Great Depression equally, and through conviction and passion, make it sound like they lived through both of them. Songs are distinct packages of rage, ranging from the almost folky, wry, raspy tone of "Who Knew the West Coast Could be So Cold?" to the full on fury of "Young Lovers, Old Livers." The guitar tone is icy and sharp, without losing any power or heft in the process. This is an album filled with ghosts, ghosts of friends, of family, of hope.

"This is the sound of ambition dying."

Lewd Acts - My Father Was a Locomotive

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