Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hi, we're not the mtn gts

while i work on my "you probably should listen to this shit from 2009" super-feature, here's a small thing to keep you occupied.

mountain goats fans are crazy people. you may have read about this. their forum is essentially a shrine to john darnielle's brilliance. "hi, we're not the mountain goats" is a collection of covers done by forum members, ranging from proficient musicians, to people who just picked up instruments for this project. as you can expect, the results range from "oh boy, this guy runs his school's acapella group, and they lose every competition" to "oh, shit, this is actually fairly neat." i'm going to highlight a couple that i found especially worthwhile, but i encourage you to check out the free download of this comp at

this is a remix of deianara crush, and easily the stand-out track on this complication. it's by a fellow who goes by TKurata. he sped the track up to 96 bpm, and used vocal samples as the backbeat, and it's a really really great listen. reminds me quite a bit of secret mommy.

this one is a cover of "recognition scene", by a girl who goes by the name of Sparkle, and it's lovely in it's intimacy. she strips the song down to a collection of chords, and her hushed, whispered vocals. she has a lovely voice, and i wish she'd sing a little more, but it's still stunning.

i will be honest, you will have to sift through a lot of songs recorded by people with more enthusiasm than talent, but there are at least six or seven lovely covers buried in this comp. other stand outs are "yoga"(which has one of the most unexpected, charming endings), "edward munch", "if you see light", and "song for an old friend". overall, it's a testament to the kind of devotion mr. darnielle inspires in his fans, that he has become such a force that people will pick up instruments without any prior experience, just to pay tribute to his music.

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