Saturday, January 23, 2010

2009, a retrospective, the end.


Drakkar Sauna - 20009

"He aimed for the stars and often hit London."
- Mort Sahl, on Wernher Magnus Maximilian von Braun

"I aim for the stars, but sometimes I hit London. Surely that's got to mean something."
- "Von Braun at Nuremberg (For Mort Sahl)", by Drakkar Sauna

Drakkar Sauna provide a manic look at the history and future of space travel, ranging from ancient Eygpt, to the Moon Colonies of the 25th Century, careening along with the sensibilities of a 1950's pulp writer on LSD. Musically, they're a country band, landing somewhere between the close harmony styling of the Louvin Brothers(who Drakkar Sauna covered extensively) and the New Weird America school of folk. Lyrically, Drakkar Sauna knocks everyone else out of the park. When I compared them to 1950's sci-fi, I'm talking Ray Bradbury-esque resonance. Bradbury had the uncanny ability to elicit strong emotional reactions despite his fantastic settings or stories. His stories were about alienation, rootlessness, the need to create, the need to discover, and Drakkar Sauna has tapped into these same anxieties. The characters on display here were flawed before space, space just throws everything into sharp relief. Too much clarity is a curse.

Drakkar Sauna - Von Braun at Nuremberg (For Mort Sahl)

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