Monday, January 25, 2010

Whourkr - Concrete

This is the catchiest album of stuttery, glitchy, drum-machine driven grindcore imaginable. Imagine Alec Empire-tinged digital violence mixed with the pop sensibilities of Mike Patton and Melt Banana, and you're close to the madness this French duo create. In "Slaagt," chopped and processed pig-gurgle vocals swirl around clipped guitar riffs, with drum machine blasts grunting underneath and then all of a sudden there is peace, a soaring operatic vocal line over piano and then again the song takes over, skittering drums and yelping vocals obliterating the calm. The entire album veers from extreme to extreme to extreme, constantly shocking your expectations, but never at the expense of cohesiveness or listenability. These songs chitter and squall like alien parasites, and nest in your fore-brain the same way. Highly recommended.

Crucial Blast is re-leasing this beast, pick it up here.

Whourkr - Bore Injektion

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