Monday, February 1, 2010

alcest/have a nice life tour

Taken from the enemies list recordings web-site:

"What’s more, as some of you probably know, HAVE A NICE LIFE is making the move towards live performance. That’s a huge step for us, an on-going process I’ll be detailing here. Our first show will be at The Stone in Brooklyn on February 28th. We have a short tour planned with an amazing band, Alcest, in April. We are practicing as much as possible and our reaching our goal of being very, very loud."

Holy fucking shit. This is perhaps the most exciting tour announced for this year, outstripped the mayhem/ludicra/tombs/krallice tour by a small margin, and the liturgy/white mice tour by a smaller margin. Holy fucking shit. The rumors I've heard is that this is an east coast only tour, and I hope that this is a false rumor. Regardless, both bands are awesome(and releasing new material this year), so hopefully I'll be able to catch this somehow, even if it's east-coast only.

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Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream said...

HAVE A NICE LIFE! FUCK YES! Interesting pairing with Alcest too, this will be a sick tour if they make it out to Chicago