Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"Actually, when the records get the first re-release, the first is released in June, we're going to do a reunion show in Seattle. That'll be the first time [after the split, Ed.] everybody gets on stage and does it all together [Jenn will later confess that there could possibly a proper tour, following that single show, Ed.]." - from an interview with Mat Brooke, of the Grand Archives, Band of Horses, and CARISSA'S WIERD.

Yeah, the band he's talking about reuniting is in fact, Carissa's Wierd. Hardly Art is re-issuing their cds, and then REUNION SHOWS. Holy shit holy shit holy shit. Words cannot describe how excited I am about this news.

In other news, S, Jenn Ghetto of Carissa's Wierd has a new album with her S nom-de-plume. I have no idea where you buy it, unfortunately. I know it leaked on the internet, and the couple of tracks I've heard are gorgeous, and deeply wounded. It is entitled "I'm Not As Good at it As You."

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