Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lifetime re-issues!

No Idea Records
has been working on re-issuing the two classic Lifetime albums "Hello Bastards" and "Jersey's Best Dancers" on vinyl for a fair bit, and they're finally here! Well, "Hello Bastards" is, and "Jersey's Best Dancers" should follow shortly. I'm stoked to finally own a copy of "Jersey's Best Dancers" to match my Jade Tree pressing of "Hello Bastards". These are cheap as hell too, only $9. Get stoked!

Here's a Lifetime song from "Hello Bastards", and then Fall Out Boy covering a Lifetime song. The FOB track was a EXLCUSIVE DOWNLOAD from somewhere or another. It's not outstanding, but it's worlds better than the FOB cover of "Start Today".

Lifetime - Irony is for Suckers

Fall Out Boy - Turnpike Gates(cover)

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